Vinland saga season 2

Vinland saga season 2 is an anime series.  A large number of fans likes to watch it.  Every fan of Vinland saga anime series is waiting for get any update.  The large number of fans, audience and series lovers are waiting with anxiety for the upcoming seasons of Vinland saga.

Years down in the line of Thorfinn is sold into Scandinavian slave trade.  Thorfinn has lost his life’s purposes and will to live further.  He is unwilling to try and repel his masters.  Thorfinn continues to slave till he meets another labor named as Einar.  They work together to earn their freedom from getting out and to establish a new and peaceful life for themselves.

Makota Yukimura’s manga which is the anime adaption aired in Japan in the year 2019.  It has left a source material for another season.  The series ‘Vinland saga’ is set during the time of Vikings.  The story of Vinland Saga follows the story of Iceland explored Thorfinn.


The strongest Vinland saga characters are Thors, Thorkell, Askelladd, Thorfinn, Floki, Bjorn, Ragnar, Atli, Torgrim, Canute.  These anime characters were dubbed by Shizukha Ishigami (Thorfinn), Atsushi Ono (Floki), Hiroki Yasumoto (Bjorn),  Naoyo Uchida (Askeladd), Akio Otsuka (Thorkell), Satoshi Hino (Willibald), Makota Furukawa.  As we all know Vinland Saga anime series is directed of Shuhei Yabuta, Produced by Naokado Fujiwara, Yoko Ueda, Mitsuhiro sugita.  It is written by Hiroshi seko kenta, Ihara, Music by Yukata Yamada.  It is published by Kodansha and the English publisher is Kodansha USA, studio is Wit studio.  The original network of Vinland saga is NHK general TV.  It is also licensed by Amazon prime Video, Netflix,  Sentai Filmworks (home video). It was first serialized in the youth targeted weekly Shonen Magazine.

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The Vinland Saga Season 2 release date has yet to be updated. However, on the official twitter account of Vinland Saga it was announced that in the course of second anniversary of anime implementation, the series will have a  second season.  The HITC predicted that Vinland saga season 2 is to be arrived in the end of 2021 i.e., December or in the early of 2022 i.e., January. It will be premiered on NHK General Television. The anime series of Vinland Saga will also be available on the OTT platforms like Amazon prime Video, Netflix and Sentai Filmworks (home Video).


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