Villa Fiorito: a butcher woman and her children are arrested after finding parts of a mutilated body

A woman and her children butchers were apprehended today as suspects of having murdered and dismembered her partner, after more human remains appeared in the Buenos Aires town of Villa Fiorito, where two legs had been found mutilated below the knees, judicial sources reported.The three suspects, surnamed Campos, were made available to prosecutor Marcela Juan, in charge of the Functional Unit of Instruction (UFI) 16 Specialized in Gender Violence and Family Violence of Lomas de Zamora. Judicial sources informed the agency Telam that the woman was a partner of Daniel Silvero, who had been missing since June 1.In the last hours, police personnel carried out several searches in the area and he found more human remains, including a head that was in a nearby stream.Faced with this situation,The prosecution ordered the arrests of the woman and her two children as suspected of having committed a homicide and dismembered the body. According to sources, the investigation began yesterday with the discovery of two legs in a garbage mound at the corner of Necol and Darwin streets in Villa Fiorito. Police and judicial spokesmen told the official agency that the remains were inside a garbage bag. Personnel from the 5th Villa Fiorito police station arrived at the scene, preserving the area for the subsequent work of the Scientific Police experts. the first appreciation of the experts, the legs did not present an advanced state of decomposition, they belong to a young man, they were cut off at the knees and extended to the feet.

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