‘Vikings: Valhalla’ How It DIffers From The Vikings

Vikings: Valhalla

After “Vikings” comes “Vikings: Valhalla.” The streaming service Netflix has snatched the “Vikings” successor, Michael Hirst, the creator of the legendary History series is. So continuity in the turbulent world of the Vikings is ensured.

Netflix also has great faith in the spin-off “Vikings: Valhalla.” So an impressive 24 episodes were ordered in a row, divided into the three first seasons of the history series. Fast replenishment and short breaks between the seasons are also provided.

And there is even more good news for all “Vikings” fans: The second season (presumably consisting of 8 episodes) of “Vikings: Valhalla” has meanwhile been shot and finished. This is confirmed by various social media posts from those involved in the series. You can see one of these by stuntwoman Caroline Simonnet, who also worked on “Vikings”:


Caroline Simonnet confirms the end of the shoot. She particularly praises the performance of co-series creator Jeb Stuart, who previously wrote the script for the iconic action classic “Die Hard” with Bruce Willis from 1988. The Netflix spin-off should therefore provide plenty of fast action.

“Vikings: Valhalla” launches on Netflix next year. The first trailer appeared some time ago. 

‘Vikings: Valhalla’ How It Differs From Vikings?

While the story of Ragnar and his sons is completed, the story of the Vikings continues. Ragnar started the Viking age with raids and conquests. The world that we find in the Netflix spin-off is shaped by it.

Like “Vikings,” “Vikings: Valhalla” will only be based on historical events and will not work out any facts. So the people on which the main characters are loosely based lived at different times.

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The historical explorer Leif Erikson died around 1020. Leif’s father, Erik, the Red, is also said to play a role and died in 1003. The Norman King William, a descendant of Rollo, was born in 1028 and is part of the series. The death of King Edward the Confessor should also be part of the series.


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