Vikika Team plans, what do they consist of?

We are more and more in our big family and we love it, because that means that awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle is increasing. We are passionate about carrying out certain habits that bring us well-being and allow us to evolve, take care of our health and learn every day. We are a great team that works together to communicate useful information on a daily basis and, together with our nutritionists, physical trainers and psychologists, we are witnesses of the great transformations that our clients experience. These go far beyond the physical aspect! Do you know Vikika Team’s plans? We tell you what they consist of! If you have decided once and for all to take the plunge and improve your diet, you should know that you are in the right place. Vikika Team’s plans are designed to provide you with a change of habits in a personalized, healthy and sustainable way. And it is that we always defend that, in the case of a lifestyle, we must ensure that the change is progressive, fully adapted to your circumstances and sustainable, that is, without an expiration date. What does this mean? That it is useless to opt for miraculous remedies that promise supposed immediate results, that do not prioritize health or are sustainable in the long term. Result? Frustration, poor relationship with food, lack of energy, boredom, hunger and… abandonment. Don’t let this happen to you go step by step and if you need our advice we will be happy to offer it to you.

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Vikika Team plans: what options do I have?

We offer several types of Vikika Team plans, in order to cover the needs you may have as much as possible. last four weeks and they are totally personalized to your circumstances, tastes, preferences and needs. There is direct contact with the specialist through video calls and contactsso you will be able to meet that person who is with you preparing the way for your change. We make plans taking intolerances and/or allergies into account; vegan and vegetarian diets; and also plans for pregnant women prior medical consent. You already know that a healthy lifestyle is based on several fundamental pillars, among which we highlight food, training and rest, mainly. That is why, in addition to diet plans, we have training plans. Are you willing to get closer and closer to your best version? With Vikika Team you can do it! In addition, you have the possibility to follow your training plan at home, at the gym or through the Entrena Virtual training platform. Because the goal is to be satisfactory for you, we try to make it as comfortable as possible. Currently, you can choose from different alternatives. Click on each of these options and discover all the information you need to know to finally invest in yourself, in your health and well-being:

Mental health and behavior change

Fortunately, more and more attention is being paid to the importance of good mental health. And it is that this is as important as the physical plane; They are two essential supports to maintain our well-being. For this reason, at Vikika Team we also have a team of psychologists who will accompany you in your process of change. You can count on them as a complement to your plan or in an isolated way; with vouchers or individual sessions. Some of the fields in which they can help you are:Personal growth.Anxiety and depression.Self-esteem.Couples therapy.Sexuality…Now that you are closer to the vikika team plans, do not hesitate to inform yourself and reflect on the need for self-care and paying attention to health. It is the most important thing we have. Also discover the Advantages of having an online nutritionist.

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