Video: the moment they try to attack Cristina Kirchner in Recoleta

Without anyone noticing, a man penetrated the circle of people surrounding Cristina Kirchner and managed to point a gun in front of her. The event that occurred this Thursday night generated a commotion in Recoleta, where several militants and officials have maintained a support camp for days. there is no confirmation on the authenticity of the weapon. In fact, the Minister of Security, Aníbal Fernández, showed caution in the face of what happened.“They set him aside, the weapon is found and now the situation has to be analyzed by our scientists to assess the willingness and ability that this person had to attack,” he told C5N. The video of the attack on Cristina Kirchner, however, showed caution before the images and the first transcended. He asked to wait for the results of the investigation of the Scientific Police in the place. “Let’s wait a little. I don’t want to make this a guess, we must show the facts seriously,” he said. Government sources indicated that the detainee is a 35-year-old man of Brazilian nationality. As confirmed to LA NACION, it is about Fernando Andres Sabag Montiel. He had a record for carrying unconventional weapons on March 17, 2021.The case was left to Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti. Another video also emerged in which Cristina Kirchner was pointed at from the front. The images reflect how the person entered the circle of the president’s custody and came to stand in front and raise the weapon. The moment when she points the finger at CFKIn development

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