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Video features “Zed”, one of the characters from Endless Dungeon

Endless Dungeon

Continuing Amplified 2022, which began with a major update to Humankind, Amplitude finally returns with more details, albeit minuscule, about the roguelike Endless Dungeon. The focus is on Zedoé Kovlava, also known as "Zed" and one of the game's playable characters.

The nearly 2-minute trailer goes into detail about Zed's origins and role on the battlefield. As you can see, Zed is a mix of “tank” and “DPS”. She is able to take a considerable amount of damage, and the more damage she takes, the more damage she deals to enemies.

Considering that Amplitude has always been a developer focused on "stories", it doesn't surprise me that Endless Dungeon gets the same treatment. In fact, I'm even happy, because if there's a developer capable of developing a roguelike with good characters besides SuperGiant Games, it's Amplitude.

According to a video published in June of last year, Endless Dungeon will have a very similar structure to another Amplitude game – Dungeon of the Endless. In short you must “escort” a crystal to a specific point on the map to move on to the next area. This crystal is crucial as it is a source of energy for defense systems or even doors. I'm really curious to get my hands on Endless Dungeon and see how that system will carry over to a more action-focused game.

Unfortunately the game does not yet have a release date.

The video post features “Zed”, one of the characters from Endless Dungeon first appeared on Hu3br.

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