Vicente López: they arrested the domestic worker of the murdered couple because she would have been the delivery woman

He was the person who found the bullet-ridden bodies of José Enrique Del Rio and his wife, Mercedes Alonso, the couple murdered in their home in Vicente López. But María Ninfa Aquino, the domestic worker of the victimswith the passing of the hours, she went from being the first witness at the scene of the double crime to being suspected of having participated in the criminal plan. Investigators accuse her of being the delivererThe motive for the double crime was the theft of a significant sum of money and jewelry that the victims had in a safe in their house. Murdered marriage: they arrested the domestic worker Aquino, 64 years old and of Paraguayan nationality, will be investigated today by the prosecutors of Vicente López Martín Gómez and Alejandro Musso, judicial officials in charge of the investigation. She is charged as a necessary participant in the double crime. Del Rio, 74, and Alonso, 72, were about to move. They were going to live in an apartment in the Château Libertador tower, in Núñez. As the move was a matter of hours, prosecutors and detectives from the Buenos Aires police suspect that Aquino gave the necessary information for criminals to enter the house located in Melo at 1100 and open the safe of the victims. “He barely began to testify At the scene of the events, the domestic worker entered into contradictions, “explained a source of the case.The scientific police at the corner of Gaspar Campos and Melo, in Vicente LópezRodrigo Néspolo – LA NACIONSources of the investigation explained that yesterday a raid was carried out at Aquino’s house, in Pablo Podestá, in Tres de Febrero, where a small wallet was found leather envelope where the victims used to keep the keys to the safe. The couple was killed in the car, which was found inside the garage. Inside the vehicle, investigators found a 9mm caliber sheath. This element would indicate that at least one of the shots was fired at close range. Both doors of the vehicle were open. When checking the trunk, the experts from the Scientific Police Directorate found the supermarket bags with the items that the victims bought yesterday, at 11:30, when they went to the shopping center located on Avenida del Libertador 100 A security camera in the parking lot of the aforementioned supermarket recorded the passage of the car. to move, Aquino passed on the necessary information for the criminals to enter the house and go directly to the room where the safe was, “said an investigator. According to the sources, Aquino arrived at 6:50 and only at 9 It was surprising that the couple had not gone down to breakfast. He would have said so at the time of the first contact with the police investigators at the crime scene. This situation was one of the first signs that triggered alerts in the detectives, since the disorder of the house was visible.The double crime was recorded in a house located on the corner of Gaspar Campos and Melo, in Vicente LópezThe double crime was recorded in a house located on the corner of Gaspar Campos and Melo, in Vicente López “She said she thought it was because of the move that her employers were going to do, but the moving things were perfectly packed,” she clarified. one of the investigators, according to Télam. According to what the prosecutors reconstructed, the domestic worker sent a message at 9 o’clock to the therapeutic companion who also worked in the house to assist Del Río due to his mobility problems, to let him know that the couple hadn’t come down for breakfast. Only after that message, according to the initial explanation, did the maid go to the garage and find the couple murdered inside the car. The reaction of the now-detained woman also caught the attention of the investigators: “It is strange that after seeing that scene, she turned off the light, closed the door that leads from the house to the garage again, put a key on it and hung it on the keychain. . And instead of running away and asking the neighbors for help or calling the police, she told us that she started tidying the house, “confided another of the sources. According to her she was able to find out THE NATION According to sources familiar with the investigation, Del Rio had owned a private security company, was a lawyer, and in his youth had been a member of the Argentine Federal Police (PFA). He retired as chief officer in 1981.

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