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Vaquinha online tries to raise R$ 6 thousand to help cat victim of aggression in Salvador

The routine of the insurance broker, Flávia Pinheiro, 35, was to put food and water for the cats and dogs at Rua Henriqueta Martins Catarino, in the Federation, in Salvador, three times a day. But since March 5, he has been coming and going to private clinics and the Veterinary Hospital of the Federal University of Bahia (Ufba). One of the kittens, affectionately nicknamed Samuel, was mistreated and had fractures in the paws and tail, bladder obstruction, edema and swelling in the kidneys and abdomen. In all, approximately R$6 thousand have already been spent on procedures. To be able to afford the care, Flávia decided to make an online crowdfunding, but has only raised R$75 so far. “I talked to the vets and they told me it’s a beating, that someone hit him. When I found him, he had no tire marks, no blood, they were all internal injuries. And the fracture in the tail, according to the vets, indicates that someone was pulling it”, says the broker. Samuel has bladder problems and will still need more surgeries (Photo: Personal Archive) This is not the first time something like this has happened on that street. Flávia says that she has had to bandage animals there several times. Once, a neighbor’s dog, who was mistreated by him, caught a worm. It was Flávia who bought medicines and pulled out the lava with the help of tweezers because he couldn’t afford to take her to a clinic or hospital. The insurance agent, who has three cats and a dog, all adopted, says she doesn’t like to ask for help, but this time she saw no other way out. “My mother and I feed the animals here on the street. We take it out of our pocket, I never asked for help because people criticize too much, especially with cats, they have a prejudice. So sometimes I take it from the food I bought for mine and divide it up to give to everyone. This time, I couldn’t help but ask for help because it’s care, it’s exam, clinic and I don’t have anywhere to pay for it”. Flavia next to the dog Karen (Photo: Personal Archive) Flávia says that, despite being criticized, she cannot help but be sensitive to the plight of animals. “I just passed card after card and then thought about what to do. Because it was all surprise and urgency. I can’t just turn my back, let it go, I don’t have that cold blood. Several people criticized it, saying it was a stray cat, but I can’t help but care.”
the wounds
Samuel appeared on Flávia’s street last year. According to her, he seems to have been abandoned, as he was well cared for and is quite docile and doesn’t even have resistance to showering. Flávia then started to give him food and water, along with the other animals on the street. “He appeared here at the gate three to five times a day, so much so that we became attached, we nicknamed him Gatão and, later, Samuel”, she says. Samuel before the injuries (Photo: Personal Archive) On March 4th, no sign of Samuel. Flavia soon found it strange. The next day, he was found next to a motorcycle, cornered, very different from what he used to be. “When I approached him, he was very aggressive and he was never like that, so I knew right away that something was wrong. When I managed to catch him, I saw that his paw was swollen and he couldn’t walk properly, he seemed to be in pain”, narrates the insurance broker. That’s when Flávia took him to the emergency room of a private veterinary clinic. Several tests were carried out and they found that he had a fracture in his paw and the bladder, which was full, was emptied. Flavia and Samuel returned home, but at dawn, he had something like a seizure. “He kept hitting and I took him running back to the clinic, then he was hospitalized for three days”, says Flávia. Samuel’s abdomen and kidney were swollen and they found swelling in the anus region, in addition to the fracture in the tail, which will need to be amputated. Flávia then took him to the UFBA clinic and there they discovered that he has a more serious problem with his bladder, an obstruction. In addition, a fissure was found and Samuel had to undergo suturing surgery. Despite having a popular price, Ufba charges for the service. There is no hospitalization and the service only happens from Monday to Friday.

“I was then in a saga, without a car, going back and forth. I go from Monday to Friday to the Veterinary Hospital, I arrive at the beginning of the day and leave at the end. At home, I’m very afraid that he has something and I need to take it to a private clinic. When it’s the weekend, then, it’s a huge tension. Since the beginning of all this I barely sleep well, I keep setting the alarm clock to go check on him and see if he’s all right, I think I’ve lost about 3kg”says Flavia.

Now, Samuel has a tube and Flávia is the one who does the washing procedures at home, after being guided by the veterinarians so that she doesn’t have to go to the private clinic. In addition to expenses with exams, hospitalizations and care, Flávia also had to buy medicines. “He still has a tube and needs to get the stitches out. And he has surgery for his paw fractures and tail amputation. The bladder issue is something more complex than it seemed and he will need to be in treatment for some time, so I’m quite worried about how I’m going to pay for all this. In the midst of it all, I see him sad, cornered. He lived on the street, he was free, it must have been very difficult for him. I see him stressed and I keep petting him to calm him down, but it’s a lot of pity”, says the realtor. For those who want and can help, the virtual crowdfunding link is Flavia’s pix is ​​[email protected]

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