Valeria Mazza spoke after the discharge of her son Tiziano Gravier: “I don’t feel like revenge”

The model and businesswoman Valeria Mazza He referred today to the beating his son received Titian Gravier, after confirming that the young man has already been discharged after being operated for jaw fracture. “I don’t feel like revenge” expressed the model at a press conference. “As of 18 he was already discharged but he is resting, we let him sleep. Now we are looking for him and he will continue the recovery at home, “said Valeria Mazza about the medical discharge that her son received this afternoon. The model said that Tiziano will continue with the recovery at his house for another week. “He will continue with all the medications, painkillers, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics and also on Monday he will see the surgeon again about the stitches and the evolution of the operation,” Mazza explained in this regard. “As a mom, I feel more relief now that the operation is over. I feel more relieved and I can’t wait for the six of us to be together at home. I need a few days of full nest and family warmth, “admitted the model about what happened. “On Monday I completely fell apart, I was crying all day, thinking about what could have happened and falling that It was a blow to the whole family, to the whole of society and to all of us who are parents”, Mazza said.“I’m not mad, I don’t feel like revengebut I would like that, since this happened to my son, and that it has had this repercussion, that we use it to be a ‘enough’”, concluded the model. Tiziano was discharged after recovering from an operation at who was subjected yesterday to the Austral University Hospital for the fracture in his jaw caused by the blows he received when he was attacked last weekend at the door of a bowling alley in Rosario, by two young people who turned themselves in yesterday and were arrested and charged with serious intentional injuries. According to the medical report, the operation consisted of an exploration of the focus of the left mandibular fracture, reduction and stabilization with rigid osteosynthesis, with mini titanium platesMeanwhile, Jorge Bedouret, the defense attorney for the young people detained for the attack on Tiziano Gravier, affirmed this afternoon that he is evaluating the possibility of a shortened trial to reach a sentence agreement “which should not be deprivation of liberty.” The lawyer noted that “there were no white or firearms” and he complained because the fact “took impressive media relevance” for being the son of two well-known people such as the former model Valeria Mazza and the businessman Alejandro Gravier.”In an extremely violent city like Rosario, where every day there is talk of a new homicide, drug trafficking and others, this is a fact that prosecutors do not normally even investigate. If you are going to make a complaint because they hit you with a pineapple and they broke you, nobody is going to pay attention to you, unfortunately, “said Bedouret. The attackers were identified from the survey of security cameras in the bowling alley area in which it is observed the moment of the attack and, although they surrendered voluntarily, the Justice ordered a subsequent search of their homes in the towns of Funes and Roldán, bordering the city of Rosario.With information from Telam

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