Understand how The Killers became a reference in indie rock

The Killers is an American band created in 2001 in Las Vegas by Brandon Flowers, Dave Keuning, Ronnie Vannucci and Mark Stoermer. After more than 20 years of its career, the group remains very relevant, selling out shows as headliners (headliner) and one of the main references of indie rock. To understand the success and relevance of The Killers in world culture, the metropolises spoke with Rafael Ktuh, from the Coletivo Índios movement. He is one of the partners of Festa Play, a reference for indie rock in Brasília.The Killers_BrandonBrandon Flowers is the lead singer of The KillersInstagram/ReproductionThe KillersThe KillersThe Killers achieved international success in the early 2000sAdvertising by partner Metrópoles 1The Killers With Wayne Newton Perform At Grand Opening Of T-Mobile ArenaGrupo não toca no Brasil desde 2018Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesThe Killers With Wayne Newton Perform At Grand Opening Of T-Mobile ArenaThe Killers will perform in Brazil on November 12Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesPublicity by partner Metrópoles 2The Killers With Wayne Newton Perform At Grand Opening Of T-Mobile ArenaThe next show will be on the eve of the Brazilian Formula 1 GPKevin Winter/Getty ImagesThe Killers With Wayne Newton Perform At Grand Opening Of T-Mobile ArenaTickets for the event start at R$170Kevin Winter/Getty Images0For Rafael, The Killers burst into the first generation of musical rhythm. “They took the beginnings of garage rock and had a big spotlight right away and they got a bigger perception, closing nights at big festivals like Lollapalooza and Coachella. I think this happened a lot because of the space they occupied, which was Las Vegas. Indie rock was very restricted to New York and London. This propelled the style to grow on the other coast of the United States and around the world”, he evaluated.

“Mr. Brightside helped to further promote indie rock, which began to play at various events and put them in the spotlight”, pointed out Rafael Ktuh.

New soundIn addition, the inclusion of digital elements in the songs made by The Killers helped the band to grow even more and break the indie rock niche. “I think the strength of The Killers is huge with the public. The fanbase is huge, but I think the big difference is the digital, more electronic elements. Before, indie rock was just guitar, posture and that aesthetic language. The fans and the digital sounds have left The Killers well positioned in the music industry”, points out the specialist. “He’s a frontman, a showman, he’s able to interact a lot with the audience. They make the show border on the apotheotic. It’s a guarantee of success”, he added.Show in BrazilThe Killers is one of the headliners of the GPWeek music festival, scheduled for the eve of the São Paulo Formula 1 Grand Prix (GP), at Allianz Parque, in São Paulo, on the 12th. from November. It will be the first time that the group will be in Brazil since 2018.Want to stay inside the world of the famous and receive the news directly on your Telegram? Enter the Metrópoles channel and follow the editorship on Instagram.

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