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Twitch will ban streamers who often share hoaxes

by Jordi Bercial 3 hours ago Twitch has updated its disinformation policies and announced that will ban all those users who regularly share hoaxes, false newsor content that, in general, may be harmful to the community as it is false content. Hopefully this is only applicable in the case that a streamer is spreading this information as true, and not debating it with their followers.
According to the company, this change in misinformation policies would affect fewer than 100 Twitch accounts on its app at startup.which would indicate that if there is already an estimate of affected users, it may be that this measure has been made in response to actions that have happened very recently on the platform.
Geeknetic Twitch will ban streamers who often share hoaxes

In any case, the company says they’re proud that Twitch can bring people together, but they don’t think users who use online services to spread false and harmful information have a place in their community.
They add that while these people are not prevalent on Twitch, they could cause significant harm if allowed on their service, This is why these changes have been made and disinformation will be tackled in general on the platform under the new rules.

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