Try a new sport: what does it feel like?

The regular practice of physical exercise is a basic pillar to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Sport not only affects the way we see ourselves physically, but also how we feel internally, mentally and emotionally. Our body needs activity to be healthy and it is we, with our discipline and effort, who are responsible for providing it. Maybe you have never exercised or maybe you are thinking about taking it up again or even changing your discipline. Let’s talk about it, what it feels like to try a new sport. Keep reading!There people with clear gifts for physical activity They have always had her in their lives. If you feel identified, maybe as a child you did athletics, played tennis, soccer, volleyball… or a little of everything! You were good at any sport and your teammates usually wanted you to be part of their teams. It is likely that, over time, you began to take contact with strength training and, in one way or another, you have always been on the move to the point of needing it in your daily routine.Secondly, there are those who have never been very given to physical exercise. They have not been educated in this context or their abilities have not been particularly prominent in that field. For one reason or another, they have not adhered to training, opting more for sedentary activities and currently needing to get in shape to improve your health, prevent certain ailments or even treat existing ones. We are talking about two quite extreme examples. Between both situations there are infinity of particular cases, since each person is a world with different characteristics, tastes, experiences and conditions. Perhaps it is good that you analyze your relationship with sport and be able to identify what is causing you to feel certain insecurity and fear; that you make constant excuses or that it costs you a lot to comply with a sports routine, in case that is the case.

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sport is for everyone

The good news is that regardless of your history and experiences, sport is for everyone. You know why? Because there are infinite options and disciplines, variations, methods, routines, etc. Finding the one with which you most identify is the challenge, an exciting challenge that will take you through a path of discovery and self-knowledge. Is your “problem” age? Let us tell you that age is not an impediment to keep moving, nor to start doing it; neither the “lack of time”, the conclusion that “you don’t like it” or that “you’ll start later”. Whether what worries you is your physical condition, your age, abilities, etc., you have to know that the only thing you should worry about is adapting the training to your needs and goalsnever bet on a sedentary life due to ignorance or insecurity!

How does it feel to try a new sport?

try a new sport hopelessly arouses sensations. These can be very positive:Increased self-esteem.Sensation of confidence and ability.Improved physical sensations on a daily basis.Greater quality of life.Increased strength, endurance, agility, etc.Better mood, rest of quality, self-confidence. The desire to return to training and the famous reflection: “why haven’t I started earlier?”. Greater desire to socialize, improving relationships with the environment. Overcoming barriers and emotional blockages… Now well , as in any field, it is not good to start a new habit with sky high expectations or idealizing the idea. Everything requires effort and sacrifice and we are not always going to be fully motivated. Staying firmly on target and paying attention to the signals that indicate when to stop, modify your training or change your activity will be key. In addition to these positive sensations, it is also common to feel that the body needs time to adapt, that we have weak points to work on, which may not be the activity with which we most identify.We are always in time to try other disciplines and, in fact, it is very important to do it to get out of the comfort zone. But staying indefinitely in a lifestyle that advocates movement, activity, and training is essential. If you want to know what does it feel like to try a new sportwe recommend you visit the online training platform Entrena Virtual, with a multitude of disciplines to do at any time and place in the hands of experienced professionals and prepared to be pure motivation.

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