Truth or Dare

There are very specific events from which it becomes completely impossible, not even wanting, to change our vision of things. SUPER exclusives on the true face of the Meriton world are one of them. That is why no one can pretend now that Valencianism looks the other way. After Murthy has broken his silence, don’t let your guard down or stop pinching yourself because to a club like Valencia CF there are those who push it to the childish game of “kiss, truth or dare”. The forms are the kiss, not changing the daring and what is missing is that we know, once and for all, the whole truth. It is absolutely urgent to know, without any doubt, if the worst president in history resigned or was fired. Especially because, beyond the fact that he was out when the story of Johor or that prior to the audios it seemed sentenced, The doubt was planted before anyone else by Tebas and Gattuso. Anil’s occurrences are already known, although this one does not seem to be so.

shapes and background

The ‘new’ Meriton finds it impossible to change but it can tell things better. And it is obvious that it has been put to it. However, too bad if it all comes back from a farce. Even more so when Sean Bai, among others, was by the side of whom Lim now denies, at least if the words read in ‘Channel News Asia’ are true, such as Murthy’s willingness to talk to him “when things calm down.” Without going into what the adjectives and the content of some conversations without manipulation will have chosen, anyone can suspect the vaudeville behind a series of movements that amaze locals and strangers, sometimes to the protagonists themselves. Although the task in itself is more than arduous, how to recover credibility under the premise that the dismissal and the statement vilifying him was to keep the same dog with a different collar? With the last line of the ATE chapter about to be written, and a week after making losses again and forcing more transfers, It is time to know the truth and nothing but the truth.

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