Trailer for Bob Biswas: Abhishek Bachchan depicts a timid contract killer who starts from the bottom- up.

Bob Biswas

A trailer for Bob Biswas, portraying Abhishek Bachchan, was released recently, keeping audiences guessing. Nine years ever since seeing the character in Sujoy Ghosh’s outstanding Kahaani, Bob Biswas gets their spin-off film.

The antagonist is featured in the teaser, and we realize that he may have lost his memory and thus has no memories of someone who is a psychopathic murderer. Whenever he is yet again conscripted to kill, he begins to question the integrity of his actions. The preview also suggests that Bob may be exaggerating concerning his condition to fool anyone. 

Kahaani fans have been clamoring for something like the Bob Biswas spin-off that Saswata Chatterjee formerly represented. But even though the protagonist played a very small role in the Vidya Balan film, he made an impact as both a cold-blooded serial killer who purported to be an insurance salesman. The crowd was stunned by his nondescript everyman look.

Bob Biswas is also starring Chitrangada Singh, Paran Bandopadhyay, Ronith Arora, and Samara Tijori. Sujoy Ghosh, Gauri Khan, and Gaurav Verma sponsored the movie, scripted by Diya Annapurna Ghosh.

“Bob Biswas is a massively popular character, which I only discovered once I joined the film,” Abhishek remarked in an interview about the film. So, in my opinion, getting the appearance right is half the fight won. I’m glad that the look was well received. That’s fantastic news for me and the movie.” On December 3, Bob Biswas will be shown on ZEE5.

Trailer of Abhishek Bachchan’s Bob Biswas

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