Top 5 Internet Safety Tips for Every User

Internet is a place of wonder. Not only do you get access to a whole bout of information, but the platform also enables you to connect, communicate and get access to a variety of different prospects that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to find. It provides you access to platforms like 22Bet sportsbook Uganda, enabling you to try your luck at an online casino. It also provides users access to courses, jobs and so much more.

However, every coin has two sides to it. With the internet, you have access to the wrong side of the platform too. In this article, we will discuss some of the top internet safety tips that you should know about.

Focus on strong passwords

Keeping track of passwords is a headache that everyone struggles with. While we understand that remembering passwords can be difficult, you need to understand that a strong password is what protects your identity and personal information when you are on the internet. If you don’t want hackers to get into your information, you must have strong passwords that are hard to decode. Include special characters, numbers and a combination of names that are hard to unlock.

Never disclose personal information

When you are on the internet, there are chances you will meet a lot of people via social media and other community-based platforms. While it is okay to engage in a conversation with them, what is not okay is to disclose unwarranted personal information to them. Things like your bank account details, personal passwords, PINs, etc. should never be disclosed online. 

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Pay attention to software updates

Although many people ignore software updates on their phones and laptops, thinking they won’t leave much of a difference and only eat away at the storage, you are hugely mistaken. Software updates are a very important part of your device’s security. So, if you aren’t updating your system whenever the updates come around, you are already putting your device at risk of cyber threats.

Avoid public Wi-Fi


We love connecting to free Wi-Fi. However, what you don’t realize is the fact that free Wi-Fi is the breeding ground for hackers. Since these wireless connectivity networks are not protected, they are easy to be tamed and tampered with, leading to heightened risks of hacks in the system. So, if you are connecting your device to the Wi-Fi in a public setting, we’d recommend avoiding it for good. Try to only use secure Wi-Fi connections or stick to your mobile data.

Set up two-step authentication

Last is the two-step authentication that comes with the platform. Ideally, these are very easy to handle and allow you to secure your information without any worries. Having the two-step authentication ensures that you will get an OTP delivered to your connected device whenever there is a login to the account.

Practising internet safety is important and a necessity. It doesn’t matter whether you follow one or all the tips we have mentioned, you need to use the internet with caution to ensure that your personal information doesn’t become public knowledge.

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