Christmas Movies On Netflix

Top 10 Christmas Movies On Netflix

The most fun part of the year for everyone is coming Christmas. The trees are already decorating the snowflakes have started sprinkling all over the Santa is ready to distribute the gifts.

And we are ready to enjoy the holidays of Christmas and New Year. So, here we are going to tell you the movies you can spend the days with. Everyone wants to just Netflix and Chill. So we are telling you the Netflix movies.

Dashing in December

The LGBTQ movies are increasing day to day; almost in every storyline, you can expect atleast one LGBTQ couple. This movie is also about that. This movie is about the journey of the NY city Businessman who went to his mother’s in holidays. There he found his perfect partner, cowboys, and made their dream come true. 

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

The movie is about the Toymaker and his granddaughter, who perfectly made an invention and brought a magical world to the life of people on Christmas.

Dash and Lily

This is about the two friends Dash and Lily, in which Lily loves Christmas so much that he is super excited for Christmas, and on the other hand, there is Dash, who cursed Christmas and never liked it. In the movie, Lily is trying to convince Dash to celebrate Christmas.

Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcracker

This is a Documentary movie, ballet, and the Nutcracker. She was performed by the legendry performer Debbie Allen and her young students.

Operation Christmas Drop

The movie is about the Air Force base on a mission stops it and ends up for a pilot falling.

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The app that Stole Christmas

It is about the app made by the tech entrepreneur. The is for the shopping, and the idea is to take Christmas to the next level, but it can be dangerous too.


The story is about the Two Stanger who suddenly meet up and pair up to celebrate Christmas and Newyear holidays.

A very country Christmas

The musician is looking for his life motive in his small town, where he meets up with an interior designer and will somehow make the new building on Christmas.

Christmas Catch

Feelings matched with the suspect, which she was searching for, as an undercover agent.

The Christmas

We are coming together to celebrate Christmas as before after four years. 

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