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Tom Holland: Will He Be The Next ‘James Bond’?

From the superhero “Spider-Man” to the secret agent “James Bond”: a story that couldn’t be improbable for Tom Holland. The actor is actually in talks for the role of 007. In several interviews, Tom Holland has already revealed that this role would be a dream for him and his film colleagues have noticed that too.

“He talks a lot about being James Bond. Very, very much,” Jacob Batalon said in an interview. The new “James Bond” role has yet to be filled because Daniel Craig had his last appearance in “No Time To Die” films. Also in the discussion are stars like Tom Hardy, Damien Lewis, and Richard Madden. But the chances for Tom Holland are not that bad.

 New “James Bond” Wanted: Tom Holland’s Chances Are So Good

.One of Tom Holland’s biggest pluses, he’s British, which of course fits the role of “James Bond” perfectly. In addition, the “Marvel” star has enough charm to convince in the role. Sony didn’t want him as “Spider-Man” at first because he was too young for them, but surprise: He is the most successful “Spider-Man” ever. The men’s magazine “GQ” calls him “Superhero of the Year” on the cover and regularly invites him to the “Man of the Year” events. He has a very own self-confident charisma that could increase his chances of becoming a 007 agent.

At 25, however, he is still relatively young. Most of the previous “James Bond” stars were in their late 30s, but it will be a while before we finally find out who the new “James Bond” could be. The search for a new secret agent should not start until 2022. What is clear, however, is that there will be another Bond film. There would be one more question: If Tom Holland becomes the new “James Bond”, will Zendaya also become the new Bond girl?

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