TK Trading Company Inc

TK Trading Company, Inc., has a wide variety of oriental foods and ingredients. They also carry general ingredients, such as meat, fish, vegetables, bread, and miscellaneous items. If you want to make sushi, or bento boxes, you can find them at TK Trading. Their wide selection of sushi ingredients allows you to customize your orders to fit your specific tastes. You can find all the ingredients you need to make sushi in one convenient location.

TK Trading Group Inc.

TK Trading Company Inc. has recently filed documents that could have significant implications for the company’s stock price. These documents provide the public with an overview of the company’s business activities. Whether or not these documents are accurate is unknown. In the meantime, it’s worthwhile to review the latest filings of the company to gain further insight. Below are some key details about TK Trading Group Inc.:. Read on to learn more at URL

Tk Trading Company, Inc. is a privately held company located in Brooklyn, New York. The company has been around for eight years and generates approximately $3.2 million annually. The company employs around 27 people in its various locations. The company is owned and operated by women. The company employs more than half of its workforce. Currently, the company employs 26 people in its Brooklyn location and over 25 across all locations.

TK Trading Limited

TK Trading Limited was incorporated on 11 June 1991. The company has its registered office in London, and employs 16 people. It last submitted its accounts on 12 February 2022. TK Trading Limited has two directors and one secretary. It is a private limited company. There are currently five mortgage charges against it, and its accounts are due on 30 September 2023. The company’s website is

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TK TRADING LIMITED has not provided any reviews. To view a credit report, request a free copy. This credit report will show you the company’s credit score and credit limit recommendation, payment trends, court judgments, ownership structure, and up to 5 years of financial statements. TK Trading Limited employs 16 people, and their last annual report showed a 33% decline in staff. If you are interested in working with the company, please contact its representatives.

TK Trading Company, Inc.

Tk Trading Company, Inc. operates under the brand name Storm Creek. It operates in the Unisex Clothing Stores industry. The company has been around for eight years and has generated revenues of $3.2 million. It employs around 27 people at its HQ office and in other locations. It is a woman-owned company. The company has been in business since 2005. There are no negative reviews on TK Trading Company, Inc.

To get in touch with TK Trading Company, Inc., fill out their contact form. Your information will be made public. However, you should avoid providing personal information to the company. Instead, use the contact form to submit inquiries about the company. It will be displayed on the website of the company. The company’s address is 1335 73RD STREET, BROOKLYN. It is located in KINGS county.


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