Tips to combat cravings

Many people frequently experience a sudden urge to eat. This, in addition, is not characterized by wanting super-healthy and natural foods, it is usually focused rather on certain ultra-processed, sweet or salty foods, which are not recommended on a day-to-day basis. Sure, we can indulge in certain temptations from time to time, but doing it on a daily basis will get in the way of goals and healthy living. Today we share with you some tips to combat cravings that are simple and effective. Of course, you will need to use willpower and perseverance. Take note! Although adopting certain changes towards a healthy lifestyle requires patience and some sacrifices, especially when we have other deeply ingrained habits, once you understand why you have decided to improve and you experience the sensations… everything becomes easy. And it is that there is more to experience the well-being that training frequently provides, the lightness and energy of eating healthy, productivity after a quality rest… Create adherence to healthy habits, make them last and constitute a true lifestyle , goes through live the sensations in the first person. And, be careful, if you expect your life to change overnight you will get frustrated, because that is not how it happens. You need time, perseverance, step by step, progression, willpower and discipline, among others. Now, any sacrifice is worth it. the result is physical and mental healthwell-being and illusion in the day to day.

Healthy lifestyle and food

Eating a varied and balanced diet is one of the fundamental pillars on which a healthy lifestyle is based. Surely you have ever heard that “we are what we eat” and it is partly true. A diet adapted to your tastes and needs gives you energy, satisfaction and variety; everything you need to feel energetic, productive, with adequate performance and good health.In this sense, Many people believe that the concept of diet means radically giving up eating everything that they like and gives them pleasure. If you visit our blog, you will find a multitude of sweet, salty, fast, traditional recipes… whatever you need! You will see that there is nothing true in the fact that a diet is based on the same few ingredients at all times.

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Tips to combat cravings

One thing is that a healthy diet encompasses a multitude of possibilities and options and another, very different thing, is that, if you want to have good health at all levels and achieve certain goals, you should be eating everything you want every day. Usually, these temptations are usually sweets such as ice cream or chocolate in large quantities; or salty, like pizza or burgers at fast food places. Take note, because these tips to combat cravings will mark a before and after.

Detect the behavior

The first thing you should do is be aware of this sudden urgency which, generally, has nothing to do with real hunger or a need of your body. When this is the case, you do not crave a specific food, nor do you need to eat it immediately. So when you feel this impulse, stop and analyze the situation, explain to yourself that what you feel is a craving and take your time to make the best decisions.

Drink water

Once the need to eat something specific is detected, you can wait a few seconds before going straight to the fridge, pantry or calling a fast food supplier. Drink a glass of water and watch the craving subside. Yes, you will also need to keep your willpower in mind.


Physical exercise is always a good option and also in this context. If you feel that, due to stress or anxiety, among others, you need to resort to cravings, stop what you’re doing and move your body. Go for a walk, run, ride a bike or move weight. What you need to release the tension that is compulsively pushing you to eat.

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healthy options

Another of the great recommendations and that will undoubtedly help you, is prepare your own treats at home. Not only will you know that you are consuming recipes with quality and necessary ingredients, but that they will be much more nutritious and healthy. Always have your homemade cookies, a fit cake ready or reserve one of your meals to enjoy a delicious homemade hamburger. Do not hesitate to take a tour of our blog, because you will discover a multitude of delicious options.


In moments of calm, reflect on why you are carrying out certain positive habits. You pay attention to your diet, rest, activity, stress reduction, etc., because you are really convinced that it will be better for you; because you want to achieve certain results at any level and you want to make your dreams come true; because you know you are capable of anything. Understanding this will help you adopt an immovable maturity in the face of certain whims. It is not about someone telling you that you should not indulge in junk food on a daily basis, you already know it, it is you who should pay attention. It may help to write it down in a notebook and refer to your notes in moments of weakness.These are some tips to combat cravingsbut what will really help you is to change the chip, take charge and be responsible for your own decisions.

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