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TikTok will share part of the advertising profits with creators

TikTok is opening up a new way for creators to earn moneyIt plans to start sharing a portion of revenue with top creators when their videos run alongside certain ads. The program equates to how YouTube pays creators, and it could generate payouts that can really serve some big creators to be part of the same “group” as the youtubers who live from it. The new program called TikTok Pulse, allow ads to run along with the 4 percent of the most popular videos on the platformas we can read in a blog post from the company.
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Creators and publishers will require at least 100,000 followers to receive a share of revenue when their videos are included, although for now TikTok does not specify which videos can be chosen – beyond being part of the aforementioned 4 percent.
As usual, TikTok will launch this new functionality in the United States this June, while the rest of the countries will have to wait indefinitely to be eligible for this program. making it clear that for now they will use the United States as a guinea pig to verify that the program actually works.

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