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TikTok is testing a view history feature

As we can see on Hammod Oh’s Twitter account, a user recognized in the social network for discovering new features in social network applications that have not yet seen the lightit seems that TikTok is in the middle of developing a view history for short videos that at some point we have seen but we have not saved in any way.

This would allow us, for example, to return to a video that we were watching and that for some reason we want to continue or simply show to another person, as well as simply reviewing how much content we have been able to accidentally ignore, among other things.

Currently there is some way to check the viewing history of TikTok, but it is not implemented in an easy way to access or designed to serve as history for users, so such a feature is welcome and easy to implement.

It will be necessary to see if the viewing history ends up reaching the platform and in what state, in addition to seeing the acceptance by users. Also, a way to control the content viewed after the fact will be useful for, for example, parental control End of Article. Tell us something in the Comments!
Article Writer: Jordi Bercial

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