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Joe Exotic?

The second season of Tiger King is around the corner, and with the second season soon arriving on Netflix. What would be a better thing to talk about if not about the man on whom the show is based on, Joe Exotic. So for those who don’t know who Joe Exotic is, here is a small glimpse of his career, legal cases, life and net worth so far. 

Who Is Joe Exotic?

Joe Exotic is the man you might remember from Netflix’s true crime docuseries, ‘Tiger King’. Yes the man had done so much in life that Netflix decided to make a docu series on him. This didn’t get finished with a single docu-series, the second season of ‘Tiger King’ is set to arrive on Netflix in the coming days. 

Joe Exotic
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Giving a small glimpse on his identity, Joe Exotic was a Zookeper who got involved in killed and murder as his career and life progressed. Before becoming a criminal and being sentenced for 22 years, Joe was a wealthy man who showered immense love on animals and took care of them. 

Born in Kansas on March 5, 1963, Joseph Allen Schreibvogel, was born in a wealthy family. His father owned huge lands and properties in Kansas and Texas. But the thing Joe is still known for after so many years was his private zoo in Wynnewood, which gave him the title ‘Tiger King.’

Joe Exotic: Net Worth

The man was making a huge pile of dollar bills before his arrest in 2019. If you think that Joe Exotic was broke, his grand-father left $250,000 for him after he passed early in Exotic’s life. Joe used these $250,000 to fund his zoo where he worked until getting arrested in 2019. Before his arrest, it was estimated that the net worth of ‘Tiger King’ was somewhere between $10 million to $15 million. But now, things have severely changed. 

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After his arrest in 2019, the zoo’s ownership landed in the hands of Lowe couple. This resulted in an immensely negative effect on his net worth alongside the negative impacts of his arrest. As reported by Celebrity Net Worth, the net worth of Joe Exotic is even less than a million dollars. Yes you read it right, in 2019 he was convicted with 17 federal charges, which resulted in a sentence of 22 years in prison. 


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