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This is ‘Khosmium’, the first real-time action role-playing game "play to earn"

Last weekend, the developer Mindiff Technology presented in society ‘Khosmium’, a game that combines the RPG, RTS and MOBA genres (online multiplayer combat arena) with an interesting reward economy based on “play to earn” mechanics. After six years of work by the team with the content and the game engine, the developer has finally taken another step, confirming a beta version of the title that will be available during the last quarter of 2022, as well as a playable alpha version set for Q2 2022. The story places us in a very ancient era of the cosmos, when galaxies and stars were still forming and our world was nothing more than dust and gas particles in the heaven. However, a strange singularity caused a rip in space-time, which triggered in an infinity of interdimensional and parallel Universes. As our world developed, so did dozens of other worlds through space and time, giving rise to ‘Khosmium’. In this curious Metaverse, players will put themselves in the shoes of a hero or heroine, who, as usual, will come equipped with different attributes, hundreds of elements, armor, abilities, and of course, pets. Alone, as a team, or with our pets, we will have to explore and find different ways to get resources, whether mining, stealing, exchanging, and of course, conquering. Accompanied by our pet, the perfect companion to help us advance faster and obtain additional resources, we will be able to take over land, mine valuable resources and build specific buildings for the breeding and fusion of pets, the forging of weapons and for the development of NFT, because careful, with this feature we can increase our power and enter a more social game model thanks to the exchange, sale, auction of our models and accessories with other users. Offering unlimited rewards, ‘Khosmium’ allows you to play in different PvE and PvP modes and maps, with daily quests and objectives that aim to keep you actively engaged. There is no shortage of great battles in which two teams will face each other with the intention of destroying the Sacred Fountain and winning the loot, and the popular Battle Royale mode, in which together with other users or bots, it will be necessary to stay alive and be the last one standing. Combining the elements of earth, wind, fire and water among teammates will help us with the objectives in battles, so we will have to create interesting synergies with the rest of our teammates to obtain greater benefits and rewards. As pointed out by the developer, the world of ‘Khosmium’ will have countless enemies, many of them with an extreme level, but with a huge loot to loot, so the best strategy is to join or create our own clan and develop a good strategy to defeat them. The perfect way to evolve our NFTs.

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