They wanted to do a virtual scam but the thief regretted it at the last minute: “You’re not crap like me”

Internet scams, and specifically WhatsApp, have become commonplace these days. There are many, and changing, ways that anonymous criminals have to keep money from people who act in good faith or are unsuspecting when making an electronic transaction. Sometimes, people realize that they are going to be scammed and avoid being victims of that crime. A user of social networks showed a unique case in which her scammer repented in the middle of the process, and even she apologized: “Excuse me, Luci, he wrote. I notice that you are a good woman”.Lucia Robador is the name of the Twitter user who experienced this particular episode of “scam interrupted”. “My scammer repented hahaha”, she simply wrote on her account @LuRobad along with a screenshot of a conversation from WhatsApp between her and the aforementioned. In the image, a part of the dialogue appeared in which it seemed that they were arranging the transaction to be carried out. But about an hour later, the person who supposedly wanted to buy the furniture expressed his regret: “Sorry, Luci”, he wrote, and immediately added: “You don’t deserve anything bad.”The scammer repented, apologized and explained why he didn’t want to scam Lucía Twitter / @lurobad But that’s not all, because in the following WhatsApp dialogue balloons, the scammer continued with messages of good vibes for Lucía: “I notice that you are a good woman, hardworking, studious”, and finished: “You are not crap like me”. In the following message, the man sent two emojis, one with a man covering his face, as a sign of shame, and the other with his hands together, like someone asking for forgiveness.Of course, all users wanted to know a little more about the unique story of Lucía and her scammer, but the young woman was very brief. “I published to sell a bed and he wrote me super interested that he wanted it, I sent him more photos and he asked me if I received a transfer, I told him yes, that there was no drama and well, at the time of consummation…”. She implied with it, that then came the conversation that she published in the Twitter.Lucía told how the scam attempt began, which ended without materializing because the thief repentedLucía recounted how the attempted scam began, which ended without success because the thief repentedTwitter / @lurobadAnother tweeter, called Anahí, recounted the modus operandi of his scammer, which he imagines was similar to the one Robador almost suffered. In short, a person “bought” this user, through a transfer, a product that she was selling on an e-commerce site. The point is that the object for sale was $20,000but the buyer / scammer assured the seller that his wife had been confused, had put “an extra zero” in the purchase and He had transferred about $200,000 to the young woman.Anahí was the user who told the modus operandi of those who wanted to scam herAnahí was the user who told the modus operandi of those who wanted to scam herTwitter / @anicas_As proof that they had made that payment, the alleged buyer sent the seller a transfer receipt, which looked real but was actually fake. The thing is that the man whose wife had “deposited” the extra money, asked the saleswoman for it back. And she did it with prayers and implorations, and assuring that his wife suffered, due to her mistake, a very strong state of nerves.Anahí, the girl who was the victim of the scam, told her scammer that she would not have the slightest problem returning the money ($180,000), but that he would do it as soon as it appeared credited to his account. Something that never happened. But in the middle, the scammer told the user that they were going to call her from “Bank”. A call that came, which was also not real, and in which they asked Anahí password, alias and token of your account. Data that she did not deliver, despite the fact that the alleged person from the bank assured her that if he didn’t, they would close his account for 30 days.“Then the evicted man calls me who needed my data so that they do not withhold his money, etc. I told him once again that he was not going to agree to this and He cut me, blocked me and there it was”he wrote in his story Anahí, in his Twitter thread. Then, as if it were necessary, the young woman pointed out that the transfer never came, and she left a lesson: “I saw that many here told that they tried to scam them with exactly the same thing. Be careful, warn the older people out there who don’t understand so much and be attentive to these things “.Lucía Robador's message where she shows the chat she had with her scammerLucía Robador’s message where she shows the chat she had with her scammerTwitter / @lurobadMany users appreciated the information and some others made jokes about the last name of the first tweeter, Thief, and they asked her if the scammer wasn’t really her. Others also took from that to comment: “Your surname saved you”, “He read your last name and regretted it”. The tweeter, then, responded with humor: “The scammer has codes… between jets they respect each other.” Unfortunately, in the comments and responses to both Anahí and Lucía, Many users related similar stories that they suffered in their own flesh. Some of them, who ended up scammed, and others, who were able to realize and avoid the scam. But the story of the wrongdoer who repented in the midst of his action is possibly a unique case.

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