They robbed him at Lollapalooza, he “scratched” the thief on social networks and something unusual happened

An unusual episode broke out last week in the festival Lollapalooza after a young man from Misiones denounced the loss of his cell phone on social networks and the theft of almost 40 thousand pesos from your account Payment Market.Cesar Ezequiel Hnatiuk told that he traveled from inns, Misiones, to the City of Buenos Aires, to attend the festival. Unfortunately, during the meeting held at the San Isidro Racecourse, The young man lost his cell phone and whoever found it used the device to access his Mercado Pago account and empty it, according to what he reported. When the young man wanted to withdraw money from his account, he quickly realized that someone had emptied it and he had stolen 38 thousand pesos.However, Mercado Pago provided him with several pieces of information that helped him find the identity of the person who had stolen from him. Later, Hnatiuk decided to post a disclaimer on social networks. “How nice to find a cell phone in the ‘lolla’. It didn’t happen to me but that will have been said AC de Lanús when he found mine and money was transferred providing me with his email address, and with 3 clicks I got his address, place of work”, Hnatiuk expressed on Twitter. In a few minutes, the message went viral and even several local media, including the site El Bonaerense, published what happened. As a result of the exhibition, something unexpected happened: The defendant contacted the young man to return the money.The man denounced by Hnatiuk contacted him on Twitter and explained that someone had offered him his cell phone and that since the phone was unlocked, he was able to access Mercado Pago. “He could not return the cell phone to me because he sold it, but he returned the money by the same means by which he stole from me, for fear of being cheated and losing his job”, Hnatiuk specified about what happened. Of the more than 300,000 attendees who were at the 2022 edition of the festival at the San Isidro Hippodrome, hundreds Complaints were filed for the theft of their phones. The issue gained visibility on social networks, where many users reported that they had to wait a long time in the companies to get a new chip, since many clients with the same problem accumulated. Those who reported the theft approached police stations in the Buenos Aires town of San Isidro, where they had cell phones recovered during the weekend. There they were able to recognize them, as if it were a lost property office. This was confirmed by sources from the Municipality of San Isidro to THE NATIONwho recognized that some who made the report for theft, then went to the police station to see if their phones were there and got them back.

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