They published an ad with photos of a spectacular mansion and the interior stole all eyes

A house for sale in London surprised by the conditions where it is auctioned. Although on the outside it looks like an attractive and modern home, everything changes inside, where it shines with a very different and rundown look.The notice published by the real estate portal Right move, indicates some of the comforts that the property offers for potential buyers. Among them, it has two rooms, a kitchen, bathroom and a large garden. In addition, the announcement highlights that the place is close to train stations and in an exclusive popular area known as Stockwell.Although the offer sounds tempting, at a modest price of 325,000 pounds for the district in which it is located, everything changes when the images go by. From the entrance it can be seen that the building has everything you need to be the setting for a horror movie: the walls destroyed, the aspect gives a feeling of abandonment and the bushes that are located in the garden were not pruned in a long time. Upon entering the place, immediately gloomy atmosphere is observed, with traces of moisture and an obvious lack of maintenance. On the kitchen side, it still has some electrical appliances that apparently don’t work and the roof needs to be rebuilt.The kitchen sector is in a total state of abandonmentrightmoveThe disorder and abandonment is evident. In a closet located in the same environment, it is seen that the door does not close properly and that inside there is dust, spider webs and absolute darkness.The inside of a closet, with cobwebs and noticeable darknessThe inside of a closet, with cobwebs and noticeable darknessrightmoveTowards the living room side, a light bulb hangs from the ceiling and noticeably wears a clear sign of deterioration. The curtains merged with the dust left by years of neglect and intermingle with some objects left there the last tenants.Roofs look cracked and dilapidatedThe ceilings look broken and deterioratedrightmoveThe carpeted stairs leading to the second floor are observed with their respective handrails and wooden armrests in terrible conditions. The hallway has wallpaper that was very common in the 80’s and on the ceiling you can see a tiny space that leads to the loft.The stair area: stained carpets and deteriorated wallpaperThe stair area: stained carpets and deteriorated wallpaperrightmoveIn the bathroom, there is an exposed boiler next to the shower and some white tiles have been added. The walls are in disarray and some sectors were not yet fully built.The boiler, located next to the shower, with the walls destroyedThe boiler, located next to the shower, with the walls destroyedrightmoveIn the garden part things are not much better. According to the images, right in the center of the patio you can see an old broken wooden bench with the cobblestones destroyed. The grass apparently was not cut or watered either for a long time.The garden, paved and abandonedThe garden, paved and abandonedrightmoveAccording to what the ad indicates, those interested in fixing up and buying the property should know that the place has the potential to develop a loft space, subject to obtaining all the necessary permits. On the other hand, it clarifies that The house will be up for sale at public auction on February 17.

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