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They manage to reduce the noise of the Intel series heatsink with paper by up to 8dB

As we can read in a personal blog called Pubby Games, it seems that the new Intel series coolers for Alder Lake chips, despite correct operation that allows them to be used under normal conditions With virtually the entire range of the company’s chips, there are ways to improve their acoustic performance. As we see in the publication, one of the main differences between the higher performance heatsink and the standard one is the appearance of an inner plastic dome. that seems to contain the air that moves the fan and channels it properly. This dome is not present in the slimmer model, which could be due to the limited space available.
Geeknetic They manage to reduce the noise of the Intel series heatsink by up to 8dB with paper 1
Based on this user’s testingadding a dome made of paper of different widths did not provide thermal improvements at any timebut the sound emitted by the heatsink fan could be reduced by up to 8dB affecting thermal performance, and by up to 6dB without affecting it, with a 1.7-inch-high dome.
Temperature and performance tests have been done with Blender, quite an intense workload, and on the web we can see sound recordings comparing the shorter dome with the unmodified heatsink, showing a fairly large difference. End of Article. Tell us something in the Comments!
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