They killed a man during a chase in Rosario

ROSARIO.- A man was shot to death in this city after being chased at dawn yesterday by criminals who were aboard a stolen car in the neighboring town of Funes during a family raid, according to police sources.The victim, identified as Ángel Ocampo, died at the Clemente Álvarez Emergency Hospital (HECA), where he was transferred for his attention due to the multiple gunshot wounds he presented when he was found by the Santa Fe Police at the intersection of Dorrego and Tucumán streets, in the center of Rosario. Motorized Police officers arrived at the scene shortly after 5 o’clock after an alert was received at the 911 Emergency Center about the presence of a man who had received at least three shots in the chest. Ocampo was taken to the HECA, where he underwent surgery for several hours, but at At 6.15 the medical personnel confirmed his death. According to the sources, the victim recounted before dying that he had been chased by a couple who was aboard a Nissan car. In their flight, the murderers collided with a taxi at the intersection of the Catamarca and Dorrego streets and abandoned the vehicle, just one block from the place where the police found the dying man. According to reports, a black fanny pack was found among the victim’s belongings. a with two packages of cocaine. The homicide prosecutor on duty, Gisella Paolicelli, ordered the survey of video surveillance cameras, both public and private, to identify the perpetrators of the shots. Staff of the Criminalistics Office of the Criminal Investigation Agency , which preserved the crime scene, collected 15 nine-millimeter sheaths, five lead bullets, three cell phones and a charger for a 9mm pistol. The spokespersons added that the Nissan involved in the incident had an arrest warrant since 11 last May, when it was stolen from a family that was the victim of an entrance in the city of Funes, located about 15 kilometers west of downtown Rosario, in an assault in which a brown Honda CVR truck was also stolen. , in addition, the personal relationships of the victim, since it transpired that this man had been shot two years ago. The detectives look for clues to define if both incidents are related to each other. The deadly chase came a few hours after a motorized police officer who had tried to identify the occupants of a vehicle during a routine check was attacked. That uniformed man was shot with two machine guns and is hospitalized in serious condition at the HECA, the same health center where the man attacked during a chase died. For the attempted murder of 25-year-old non-commissioned officer Gabriel Sanabria, four were arrested. suspects. At the moment, only two of those arrested will be charged for the wounds of the uniformed officer. In that operation, not only the vehicle used by the aggressors was found, but also two machine guns. It is a PAM Halcón -used in the 70s and 80s by police units- and a handmade machine gun, made with parts of a 9 mm pistol. Detectives are now looking for the “manufacturer” of that weapon, since they suspect that it would have supplied gangs with similar units.

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