They killed a gendarme and tried to simulate a suicide

A sergeant of the National Gendarmerie was shot dead in the head and his body was found with two stockings in his mouth and an insulating tape around his neck at his home in the city of Santo Tomé, where his cell phone was also found burned inside a pot, judicial sources reported. This is an officer who worked in Squad 57 of that federal security force, identified as Alfredo Vivero and 37 years old, and the body was found the day before yesterday by his wife, also a gendarme. The sergeant did not live with his wife, also a member of the Gendarmerie, but lived in separate houses. The prosecutor from Corrientes, Facundo Cabral, who is investigating the incident, told the press that there are several hypotheses about the motive for the crime and added that the victim’s cell phone was found at the scene of the incident. “burned inside a pot.” The representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office explained that although at first it was believed that it could be a suicide, because at the time of the discovery the gendarme had his regulation weapon in his hand, the tasks of the forensic doctor and the experts took to the track of a crime. “We have no doubt that it is a homicide,” Cabral remarked, who did not specify whether the weapon from which the shot that killed V ivero started from that weapon found in the hands of the victim or another.

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