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They get Windows 11 to work on both screens of the Surface Duo

Some time ago, a developer had managed to get Windows 11 working on the Surface Duo, a terminal that we remember came to the market with Android – to the disappointment of many users who were waiting for Andromeda OS. However, this was a success, since at the time Windows Phone was not able to unseat Android and iOS as the main operating systems, and Andromeda OS wasn’t going to be either.

In any case, the development of this port of Windows 11 has not stoppedbut quite the opposite, and it is that as we can see in the tweet below these lines, it has been possible to demonstrate how Windows 11 is capable of running both screens of the Surface Duo after some development time.

However, there are a number of reasons why we can’t really recommend that we do this, which is that in its current state, for example, we do not have support for LTEand as the most critical problem, both screens work, but not your touch digitizers, so you have to use external peripherals. Fortunately, both Bluetooth and USB They are viable options in this case to connect peripherals, so it is still a very interesting test.

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