“They could have killed him: the crude story of the parents of Tomás Kruger, the young rugbier shot by police in Moreno

Jorgelina and Carlos Kruger do not leave their astonishment. Last night, in what seemed to be an ordinary weekend, his son – Tomás Kruger, 19 years old, appeared at the door of the house shot and handcuffed by agents of the Police of the Province of Buenos Aires. “What justification do they give me?”, asks his mother. After midnight, the 19-year-old was driving a family van on his way home, in the Álvarez del Bosque gated community, in the Buenos Aires town of Francisco Álvarez. On the way, Kruger was hit by a patrol car and He received three bullets: two in the legs and one in the arm. The reason? Having passed a red light, according to authorities informed their parents.Carlos, Tomás’s father, told the Crónica TV signal that her son has “one shot in each leg and one in the right arm, which broke it.” He also explained that he had lent him the truck, after the young man played a rugby match in a local club, so that “the bus would not be taken”, and that at the time of the persecution “he had no firearm” that would justify being shot.“The policemen told me that I had passed a red light and that I was passing cars in a zig-zag,” said Carlos, who said he felt “outraged” at what they did to Tomás. “It’s crazy. Can’t believe a patrol car was running it without the lights on. He brakes, he wants to go through the gate but it is closed and they hit him there”, he recounted. Carlos pointed out that his son was “afraid” and that he lost control of the truck because “he already had a broken arm.”“There are shots in the door and in the glass”, said the man, who thanked the medical assistance provided to his son and the work of the Prosecutor’s Office and the police chiefs. According to the victim’s father, there would be two officers who fired. Meanwhile, at the scene of the incident, the experts from the Argentine Federal Police (PFA) who looked for elements of interest for the cause in the van of the young man who was shot. At the moment, Carlos added that her son “is out of danger.” “He was born again. He is a kid that everyone knows here in Moreno. In the club, in the neighborhood. Everyone wants to go see him at the hospital.” he added. For his part, Jorgelina -the mother of Tomás Kruger- specified that the young man was transferred to another medical establishment, where he must undergo surgical interventions as a result of the shooting.“[Tomás] He is nervous, scared, because he has to go back for what happened at dawn, “he said, specifying: “They have to operate on him to see what they find in his arm, which is broken and with the bone fragmented by the bullet.”In a dialogue with Crónica TV, the woman pointed out that -according to the son’s testimony- the patrol car that hit him did not even have the lights on. “Nothing justifies the actions they had,” she considered, adding: “They could have killed him”In addition, he pointed out: “He cries because he loves his sport, and he is going to have a long recovery period, that is what the doctors already tell us, that until they operate on him they cannot give us a certain date either.” Kruger turned out today wounded by three bullets when he was driving his father’s truck and was pursued and shocked by cell phones of the Police of the Province of Buenos Aires in the party of Darkinformed judicial sources, the force and relatives of the victim to the Télam agency. As a result of what happened, two of the officers who participated in the persecution were charged with “aggravated injuries” and, for now, they were not apprehended.The event occurred minutes before 1, on provincial route 7, in front of the gated community Álvarez del Bosque, in the town of Francisco Álvarez. Over there, kruger He lives with his family. According to the images of the security cameras installed by the neighbors themselves, in a first sequence recorded at 0.58 it is observed that a black Toyota Hilux with tinted windows stopped in front of the entrance gate to the neighborhood and a patrol car without the siren on hit him on the passenger side.Faced with this situation, the van backed up and left the place along the road, while the patrol car was detained there. about 50 meters awaystill on the road, the truck stopped on the shoulder. She was surrounded by four other police cars, one of which also collided with her on the driver’s side, at the height of the trunk, while a cash came running and brandishing his weapon.Under these circumstances, several policemen They made the driver of the truck get out. and reduced him to the floor.

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