The Witcher Season 2: Henry Cavill Was Injured While Shoot!

The Witcher Season 2

Fans of The Witcher series are distraught after actor Henry Cavill was injured. We will give you more details.


On December 20, 2019, Netflix subscribers discovered The Witcher series for the first time. This new production starring actor Henry Cavill was a huge success. So the series will soon be back for a second season! Fans of The Witcher series, therefore, seem happy to find their favorite characters for new adventures. As a reminder, the young actor Henry Cavill lends his features to the character of Geralt de Riv. As much to say that interpreting this character was not easy for the Superman star.

Indeed, in December 2020, the hero of the fantasy series was seriously injured during the filming of a scene in season 2. The interpreter of Geralt de Riv had to run at full speed in the woods when this incident occurred. 

The young man suffered a fairly large tear in the hamstring muscle—a pretty wound which should therefore have nailed the young actor to bed. Indeed, the doctors imposed a total rest on him. This unexpected incident, therefore, affected the shooting of the series. During an interview for Hollywood Reporter, the young actor confided in his injury during the filming.

“It was a very, very important tear,” says Henry Cavill. The young actor is aware that he was fortunate because his injury could have been much more severe.


Henry Cavill’s injury, therefore, still disrupted the shooting of the series. As a reminder, the young man tore a muscle while filming a scene where his character was running in the woods.

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“I was very lucky the muscle didn’t come off completely.” He told Hollywood Reporter. “The difficulty was to continue working while I was injured,” explained the young man as the doctors asked him to rest.

“I wanted to do more for the show, I know how important it was for them to get things done,” says Henry Cavill. With the film crew, he, therefore, had to find the right balance to move forward without aggravating his injury.

“If I tear myself up a bit more, it’s the end of my career as an action film actor,” confided the young actor. Henry Cavill is now honestly saying it was one of the worst times of last year.

After a few slowdowns, the shooting of the Netflix series continued. Indeed, the action sequences have been left for the end to avoid aggravating Henry Cavill’s injury.

The young man was able to turn them once he was in better shape. Moreover, the American actor had to alternate between filming sequences and rehabilitation sessions. It must be said that the shooting of this season 2 was not the simplest. We will finally be able to discover the result on December 17 on the streaming platform.



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