The unusual version of Soy Cordobés by two Americans that sweeps TikTok

Two Americans became viral in our country by interpreting one of the most famous hits of the Cordovan quartet. Through your TikTok account, the couple sang the anthem with great precision I am Cordoba of the late singer Rodrigo Bueno.Sam Tsui and Casey Breves are two influencers who are dedicated to music through singing and composition and that, in addition, they produce videos in which they themselves, with professionalism and great respect, sing famous songs and publish them on social networks. On this occasion, the pair of artists proposed to interpret characteristic songs from 195 countries of the world and after a vote among his followers for the representation of Argentina, he won the song that “El Potro” from Córdoba composed in 1999 for the album to 2000.It is a 34-second fragment in which the two Americans display all their talent, which it has turned them into a rage throughout Argentina. So far, the video has more than 150,000 likes, 2,790 comments and has been viewed more than 600,000 times. Given the difficulty that native English speakers have in pronouncing Spanish, Argentine fans were surprised by the clarity and transparency with which Sam and Casey intoned each of the song’s words and congratulated them for it. They did it with such sympathy and passion that they received all the applause from the Argentine public. the best independent state within the Argentine nation” and “Visa approved to enter the country”, were some of the thousands of positive comments that followed the publication of the video. Last year, another consecrated music artist also released his version of I am Cordovan. It is about the Colombian Carlos Vives who combined his voice with the registered one of Rodrigo Bueno in one of the thirteen shows he offered at Luna Park in April 2000, just a couple of months before his death. In reference to the version made, Carlos Vives assured that he thought it was something “very important and incredible to bring a spirit as beautiful as Rodrigo’s to these times and to the new generations, to be able to fix the recordings and Working with his voice seems like a very nice thing to me, being lucky enough to be invited because the people who were working there knew of my deep connection with Argentina and especially with Rodrigo’s music.”.After a successful and brief career, Rodrigo died at the age of 27 in the early hours of Saturday, June 24, 2000 after a performance at the disco Scandal in La Plata. He was on his way back to Buenos Aires on the highway when his car collided with another, resulting in the accident that caused his death.

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