The Towers Season 2: Recent updates

The Tower season 2 premiered on ITV, with the first episode airing at 8 p.m. ET. It is based on Kate London’s book Post Mortem, which follows DS Sarah Collins as she investigates the deaths of an elderly veteran police officer and a teenager from the site of a crime scene.

As of this writing, the series has aired three nights in a row. Fans may question if The Tower will return for a second season when the last episode airs on London has released two additional novels about Collins and Griffiths.

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The Towers Season 2 Revival

Even though ITV has not officially confirmed the revival of The Tower, the show ‘ actors are not ruling out a comeback. When asked about the possibility of further Lizzie Griffiths novels, Tahirah Sharif told the Radio Times, “based are two more novels already published, I think it is got the potential to go on.”

In Kate London’s second novel, Death Message, Collins and Griffiths work together to investigate a mystery that spans two decades and a case of domestic abuse. “Sarah and Lizzie must endure the hazardous zone meet,” says the book’s synopsis because the two instances are connected by coincidence.

A detective takes centre stage in the third novel in the series, Gallowstree Lane. But Collins and Griffiths are still prominent characters. The Eardsley Bluds is the target of the police’ attention this time around.

London on the fourth instalment of her novel series, according to The Tower’s leading actress Gemma Whelan. Whelan on This Morning: “I hope we get to do it again.” This is because the writer is more familiar with the characters. And that is why I would ‘love to take another shot at playing Collins in the future.

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The Towers Season 2: Recent updates

Although ITV has not officially announced a resurrection of The Tower, the show is performers are not ruling out the possibility of a return, according to Tahirah Sharif. When asked if there will be any more Lizzie Griffiths novels in the future, she responded. “Based on the fact that there are two more novels already released. I think it has certainly the potential to carry on.”

During the investigation of a mystery spanning two decades. And a case of domestic violence, Collins and Griffiths collaborate in Kate London’s second novel, Death Message. As stated in the book’s summary, “Sarah and Lizzie must suffer the dangerous zone meet” since the two cases are related by chance.


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