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The Tor network will become much faster with its latest update

The most careful users with their privacy they have long had the Tor optiona method of connecting to the internet that allows you to browse with practically total anonymity, in addition to allowing access to web pages that are hosted only on this hidden network, so they cannot be seen from the normal internet.
However, Tor suffers from a critical problem, and it’s his disastrous speed. While the simplicity of web pages hosted exclusively on Tor goes a long way in making this problem less of a problem, definitely try accessing a traditional web page—by 2022 standards—via Tor can be a suffocating experience depending on network conditions.
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That is why the update to version 0.4.7 of the Tor protocol comes with new features that increase the network connection speed by several integers, Appreciating improvements of up to 6 times the speed that version 0.4.6 of the protocol could obtain.
This will also be very important for downloading files anonymously, since until now we had to resign ourselves to very slow speeds, regardless of the speed that we had contracted, something that initially should change.

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