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The tile polishing liquid that kills all germs and bacteria on the floor

To keep the house clean and tidy, there are certain areas that need to be washed regularly, such as the bathroom and kitchen. Another very delicate area of ​​the house that must be treated almost daily is the floor. Floor cleaning is an operation that requires a lot of time, energy and, above all, detergents. This also applies to all those hard surfaces that normally need to be cleaned regularly and not every day. We speak, for example, of exterior pavements, window sills or tiles.

Beware of DIY solutions

To clean all these surfaces while saving on detergents, many people prefer to use DIY solutions. However, although this is a noble gesture to avoid waste and reduce environmental impact, mistakes are often made, even gross ones. Products are often used randomly, without any logic and without knowing their true properties. For example, one of the most popular cleaning ingredients is spirit vinegar. However, this product, like all other types of vinegar, has no sanitizing or cleaning capabilities. In fact, as an acid, at most it could be used to dissolve lime, although, as we have already seen, citric acid is much more effective and also less polluting.

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Returning to our surfaces, in the following lines we will try to order our ideas and reveal other more suitable solutions. So instead of alcoholic vinegar, here’s the sanitizing ingredient that will make floors, windowsills, pavers, and tiles sparkle by killing germs and bacteria. To clean all of these surfaces flawlessly, we must first consider the material of the that they are made If we wanted to make a list, the most used materials for interior and exterior floors, window sills, etc., would be: ceramics; porcelain stoneware; Of marble; natural stone; granite; terracotta. All of them, if treated with spirit vinegar, could corrode due to their acidity. Therefore, they must be cleaned with a special detergent that we already saw in a previous article. However, what we are going to reveal today is one more step that will allow us to enhance the effect of this detergent. In fact, to the solution based on water, sodium carbonate and dishwasher detergent we are going to add pure alcohol at 95 degrees. This ingredient is a true miracle in cleaning because, thanks to its sanitizing and disinfecting power, it can also eliminate germs and bacteria. So instead of vinegar and rubbing alcohol, here’s the DIY detergent that will help clean and protect floors, pavers, and more.

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Dosage and method of use

Pour 1 liter of water into a bowl and add 30 grams of DIY cleaner and 45 grams of pure alcohol. At this point, using gloves and ventilating the room well, soak the cloth and start cleaning. As for exterior floors and pavements, we can facilitate these operations by using a high-pressure cleaner.

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