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The tea you should drink before going to bed to lose weight effortlessly

Although over the last few months numerous scientists and nutritionists have made an effort on social networks to try to get across the idea that there is no magic recipe for losing weight beyond the fact that the only way to slim down with health is to fall into a caloric deficit today some studies with proven efficacy have discovered that there are some infusions that can help you in a task that is not easy today.

In this sense, several studies have shown in recent weeks how green tea can help you reduce fat and lose weight. Green tea is a type of infusion that, as explained in the international Mens Health magazine, is made of the same ingredients as black but “processed differently”.

The superfood that nutritionists force you to have for breakfast to lose weight from the age of 40

The first thing you have to be clear about is that if you start to drink Infusions you will have fewer moments to consume caloric and sugary drinks so, by subtracting those empty calories that you ingest with certain liquids, it will be easier for you to lose weight.

In addition, a recent study has shown that a fairly large number of overweight people who drank green tea or one of its extracts lost more weight than those who did not drink it. In the aforementioned article, it is commented, for example, that a recent study by the University of Oklahoma revealed that people who drank tea lost almost a kilo more than people who did not during the first month in which they began to control their diet. .

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Are bananas fattening?  The reality of the favorite food during the diet

Are bananas fattening? The reality of the favorite food during the diet

In addition, and what is almost more important for scientific studies on weight loss, many of those who managed to reduce the numbers on the scale attacked obesity precisely where they were most interested: in abdominal fat, which was the one that was reduced the most. of all. If something worries both the female and male sex when it comes to losing weight, it is undoubtedly the belly. That is where many people look when they want to lose weight. although this summer there is not much beach in which to show off. Losing weight is probably the constant in the lives of many women and men, or at least: wanting to lose weight. Very often we try everything, without applying any logical criteria. We tried fasting, grueling workouts, potions, and similar concoctions recommended by our aunt’s friend. In short, it is not that there is always a strict rationality in our choices regarding our physique. This is a serious mistake because going on a diet is never a decision that can be taken lightly or, worse yet, a decision that can be taken for granted. You must always be clear about what you are doing.

The antioxidant superfood that you should mix with water to improve digestion and lose weight

The antioxidant superfood that you should mix with water to improve digestion and lose weight

What is true is that you can often feel the need to lose weight in a short time. Since it is always advisable to lose weight as slowly and gradually as possible, so that there are no sudden cuts or choices that seriously affect our diet, we also have a solution for you. The diet that we are going to propose should not be taken lightly, and it is always advisable to consult your doctor for approval before starting. It is recommended to follow this diet for a short period, no more than three or four months in severe cases. It’s all about the egg diet and it’s a diet that’s especially popular with stars, who may need to make big weight changes in their image in a short space of time. The egg diet consists of consuming this food at lunch, dinner and breakfast; Obviously, it must be accompanied by fish or meat at least three times a week, and you must continue to eat vegetables at least three times a day and fruit at least two servings a day.

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