The sound engineer played the Anthem of surprise and Eduardo Feinmann had to stand up and sing it

journalists again paul rossi and Edward Feinman they met in the air LN+ to star in a pass between their programs. However, at startup a detail on the desk of the host of El Noticiero caught the attention of his colleague and triggered a conversation and a reaction that remained for the memory. Already when he welcomed him, rossi do not touch Feinman He had in front of him a small Argentine flag. “Feinmann, I see it flagged accordingly,” joked the driver. “And well, I asked and they fulfilled me… I have the small mast”, replied the pair of him. With a sign to the camera director, Pablo Rossi asked them to focus on the flag and said: “Here they pamper him. She asked for it and she got it.”The LN+ air anthem sounded and everyone reacted True to form, Feinmann took advantage of the moment to launch a small chicane. “But of course… you show them the Argentine flag and They automatically brand you as facho, from the right. If you have the flag, a national symbol, you are from the right ”, he sentenced. But while the journalists were talking about it, the soundman came up with set the conversation to music with nothing more and nothing less than the National anthem. The first moments of the national emblem sounded in the background while in the studio the journalists began to react. The first was Diego Laje, who stood up and put his right hand on his chest as a sign of respect. They all followed him. “He makes us look bad,” Feinmann replied as he stood up. A few more seconds of song and everyone sat down again. “My poor homeland, Belgrano would say… when he had to pawn his watch to pay his doctor. Bah, he gave the watch to his doctor… poor Belgrano”, Rossi sentenced in the background. “Oh, God… if Belgrano woke up, if he came out of the grave… To Parrilli, for example, what do you do to him? Feinmann lashed out. Rossi, who followed him in the chicana and criticism of the former director of the Federal Intelligence Agency and current senator, completed: “He gets a stroke.”

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