The Simpsons, banned episodes: censorship and historical controversies of the most famous animated series

Just as they are much loved and valued, they are also criticized. The Simpson they have a fame that precedes them and they assert themselves with each chapter. Not everyone can stay on the air for 33 consecutive years, win countless awards, predict the future and being one of the most watched animated series in history without earning any criticism. But, in addition to anger and bad reviews, Matt Groening’s creation was also a victim of censorship.Several episodes -although not many really- were banned in different countries. Some for having off-color jokes, others for causing annoyance after difficult events and others for showing a stereotype that made more than one authority angry. It is worth clarifying, however, that despite its censorship Today they are free from all penalties and, at least in Argentina, each episode is available on Star+ in its original format.The Olympic Committee wants to bring the Olympics to Springfield, but a Bart joke ruins things. As punishment, the elementary students have to volunteer in different parts of the city and Homer’s eldest son gets the nursing home.The jokes of the original script put this episode under the magnifying glassWith that innocent premise this episode of the tenth season is born. However, in the original script created by Julie Thacker, it included several jokes referring to Monica Lewinsky, former White House intern who had an affair with former President Bill Clinton. For this reason, the episode generated discontent within the American political wing.It is one of the most beloved chapters by fans that is positioned among the “best in history” of the series. It was the beginning of the ninth season and took the Simpson family out of Springfield for a trip to New Yorkwhere everyone has a dream day except for Homer, who lives -again- an ordeal.This episode was censored for several years and was re-aired from 2016This episode was censored for several years and was re-aired from 2016 The mind behind this chapter was Ian Maxtone-Graham and also collaborated Bill Oakley. Both of them wanted the family to “face a typical Manhattan problem” and the odyssey of the vehicle parked in the square between the Twin Towers was supposed to be a satire of what any New Yorker lived. The episode had many details and was a very careful portrait of the city. It premiered on September 21, 1997 and ran until September 11, 2001. After the attack, its broadcast was banned in the United States until it was allowed again in 2016. Homer buys a gun to protect his family despite the fact that Marge does not like the idea. He promises to get rid of the gun but by not doing so, he puts his marriage at risk.This scene earned this chapter to be censored in EnglandThis scene earned this chapter to be censored in England The ninth season was the victim of controversy for the second time but, this time, in England. There is a scene where Bart finds the gun and plays shoot Milhouse., which is why the British authorities decided to leave this episode out of those allowed for broadcast. When Homer goes to work at the nuclear plant with a colored shirt, Mr. Burns thinks he is crazy and admits him to a local asylum after a mental stability test. Over there, the protagonist of the series meets a bald man who claims to be Michael Jackson himself.The chapter is out of printThe chapter is out of circulation The episode is full of peculiarities. The singer yes, he was part of the recordings and he lent his voice to double his character, but he did so under the pseudonym “John Jay Smith”. Nevertheless, he did not sing in the series since by contract with the record company he could not do it; instead, singer Kipp Lennon provided the voice, although it was Jackson himself who composed the song “Lista, It’s Your Birthday”. In 2019, after the repeated allegations of sexual abuse against the king of pop, the episode was withdrawn from circulation. This one, unlike all the others on the list, is not available on any streaming platform.The Simpsons travel to Japan to live a new experience and soak up its culture. However, a series of setbacks leads them to miss their return flight and have to submit to a difficult reality TV show to get tickets.Japan censored this episode for how it portrays their mediaJapan censored this episode for how it portrays its media The chapter didn’t go down well in japan since the country did not see in a good way the way in which the series portrayed its media. With this argument, the authorities of the Japanese country They banned the episode from airing.

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