‘The Second Husband’ Episode 66 Latest Release Date & Preview to watch!

The Second Husband' Episode 66

The south Korean, romantic television series is blowing up for it’s crazy ride of a ploy and the dynamics between their characters. Now fans can’t wait to watch the 66th episode to come out on November 18th on MBC as there is a lot of drama in store here. In the next coming episode, we will see Seon Hwa’s life falling apart (again!), coming to make her life personal hell is none ther than Jae Kyung who bribed Miss Lee so the air of suspicion grows around Seon Hwa regarding the leaked company recipes. This alleged blame is now all on Seon Hwa.

Jae Kyung, the true arch enemy made sure that no police case happens as she realised that if the case is spread open and they dig deep, the truth about Nam Ki Taek case would come out.

In all this mess, the silver lining is the increasing closeness between Jae Min and Seon Hwa. Seon Hwa decided to finally tell Jae Min everything about Jae Kyung until Bok soon entered the picture and pushed her not to with the logic that rich people cannot be trusted.

Jae Min obviously felt bad after he saw Seon Hwa collecting her things and leaving the company and he couldn’t do anything beside looking at the scene unfold.

In order to find out the root of her downfall, she entered the office in the pretence of collecting evidences when in reality she wanted to snoop around Jae Kyung’s office only to see the tall sky scraper model where she eveasdrops  on a conversation between Sang Hyuk and Jae Kyung about going to the place “which they have worked very hard on”. Later, Seon Hwa plays a tricky, sympathy card to get out information about this scam which Kyunk is pulling and finds out that Jae Kyung and Sang Kyuk are involved in something which takes place in the beach Namhae. But what the viewers really want to know are what exactly is happening on beach Namhae and why does Seon Hwa want to do anything with that piece of information?

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International audience can watch this exciting series on Rakuten Viki and Kocowa. Get ready for some exciting drama and gut wrenching romance!

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