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The seasonal Leroy Merlin plant that you should put on your terrace or garden to surround yourself with bright colors

We all would like to have a balcony or a garden full of flowers, beautiful and flourishing, like the ones seen in the movies. But unfortunately, this is not always easy to achieve for various reasons. Some people love plants but aren’t that good at taking care of them, while others just don’t have much time for them. Whatever the reason, today we are going to discover that it will be easy to have a flower garden if we choose the most beautiful plants of the month. Specifically, we are talking about three of the most beautiful plants that bloom at this time. We will clearly improve the face of our outdoor space and we will finally be able to enjoy it as if it were a true oasis of pleasure. In these cases, however, it will be better to protect ourselves from the prying eyes of the neighbors and close off our balcony with these 3 pretty but cheap ideas. But let’s go back to talking about flowers, and let’s see which ones we should choose to beautify the exterior of our house. The first plant we want to talk about is unusual and little known, but it is characterized by its beautiful little ball-shaped flowers. The colors are also spectacular and range from lilac to white and blue. It is the allium, which fills the room with color from when it blooms in spring until the end of summer. This plant is also known as “ornamental garlic” and you only have to smell its aroma to understand why. It is very easy to care for and loves full sun. The soil must be well drained and regularly fertilized with manure, peat or a special fertilizer. The allium is a plant that can be easily found in the gardening section of Leroy Merlin for 4 euros. “Pack of 10 Allium bulbs of the ‘Sensation’ variety in purple. Its planting period is between the months of September and December and it blooms at the end of spring. Ornamental garlic is a species of showy, globe-shaped flowers that They grow on stems 0.8-1 meter high. It is ideal for forming small and medium-sized beds.”

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The perennial plant that perfumes our home and repels insects

The most beautiful spring flower

Spring means hyacinth. It is one of the most beautiful flowers of the season, with its beautiful colors and its enveloping aroma. In addition to being beautiful, it is a very easy flower to care for. It does not need any special soil, although it does well in soil enriched with slow-release fertilizers. It also hates waterlogging and does well in sunlight. It grows well both in pots and underground, making it perfect for both balconies and gardens.

Leroy Merlin's plant that banishes silverfish from our house forever

Leroy Merlin’s plant that banishes silverfish from our house forever

A cascade of colored bells

We conclude the trio of this season’s prettiest plants with the petunia. In fact, these are the three most showy plants that we should choose for ourselves. The petunia also blooms from mid-spring to fall, enriching the environment with its beautiful and colorful flowers. Petunias do best when grown in containers, but many people also plant them in the garden. The best soil for pots is a mixture of universal and specific soil for flowering plants and watering must be regular and abundant. Remember that for better flowering it is better to place this plant in medium sun.

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