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The reason why you should not sleep with your hair in this position if you do not want to lose it

Hair, especially for women, is an extension of their personality. Therefore, more and more women are considering how to take care of it properly. On social networks, there are more and more profiles of influencers who are dedicated to hair beauty routines and who have thousands of followers. It is not only about respecting the environment, but also about using products without silicones or parabens. And it is that the type of shampoo, conditioner, masks, etc., play a decisive role in achieving healthy and strong hair. However, in addition to this, a few healthy habits, some unthinkable, can also make a difference. For example, we should never sleep in a certain way when it comes to loose hair.

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Pay attention to these details

There are a number of healthy habits that affect the health of your hair and your entire body. For example, a healthy and balanced diet is essential as it can nourish and strengthen hair. Proof of this is the fact that certain deficiencies, such as iron or folate, can contribute to hair loss. But that’s not all, the well-being of the body would also affect the appearance, making the difference between dull or super shiny hair. It would also be a good idea to avoid stressing them too much. Among the good habits is to give soft touches, limit washing if possible and use products that protect from heat. Finally, always remember to avoid high temperatures when blow drying, flat ironing and straightening. But to cut to the chase, there’s another habit that many people don’t even think about that can contribute to hair damage. We refer to all those who sleep with their hair down. It seems that the friction against the pillow due to movement during the night is a real killer for healthy hair. It is said to contribute to frizz and hair breakage. On the other hand, sleeping with your hair up is not too healthy either. Therefore, the best solution would be to make a soft bow or tie it with a hairnet. You can also use silk pillowcases, which are highly recommended for commercial grade hair.

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