‘The Night Beyond the Tricornered Windows: Episode 7’: Latest Information- Release date, Plot and Trailer

‘The Night Beyond the Tricornered Windows’ is one of the most popular anime series. It deals with the world of the paranormal. The series belongs to the horror genre. With ‘The Night Beyond the Tricornered Windows: Episode 7’ coming out, here’s an outline of everything you  need to know about the upcoming episode.

Episode 7’ Release Date

The much awaited Episode 7 of ‘The Night Beyond the Tricornered Windows’ will be coming out on the 14th of November 2021. Not too long now, right viewers?

The episode will involve Hanzawa helping the boy who was possessed. The boy lives with his grandma. He has no knowledge about his parents, so Hanzawa decides to take him out. 

Meanwhile Mori sees an evil spirit and Rihito believes Mikado to be his destiny. 

Plot and Trailer- Spoiler Alert!

In Episode 7 of  ‘The Night Beyond the Tricornered Windows’, Licht and Mikado assist humanity by casting bad spirits to hell. The mystery of the spirit realm begins. Hanzawa, as a police officer, contributes to the inquiry.

Hanzawa meets a woman and begins researching another case. She admits that the woman is being molested, but she’s not sure if she’s the perpetrator or the victim. Hanzawa opted to assist the woman because she had previously worked on a similar issue.

The lady also discussed weird events that had occurred throughout her life. Hanazawa is taken aback when he learns about the regular customer who appears to be a dark shadow. 

The lady goes on to say that the black shadow figure only appears in her presence, and she believes it to be an evil ghost or her father’s spirit. The shadow man causes no harm but only takes food and leaves. Hanzawa wonders who would believe such a thing. He tells the lady to stop believing in rubbish and move on.

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Hanazawa recalls seeing a boy who told the same tale as that lady in the past. The boy described everything in the same manner as the lady. The lady asks Hanzawa if he believes in destiny to which he responds negatively. Having forgotten something at work, the lady decided to depart. Hanzawa agrees to accompany her, but she warns him that malevolent spirits are frightening.


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