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The next Need for Speed ​​title will hit the public in November this year

According to the latest rumours, it seems that Need for Speed ​​will arrive with a new installment on the market this year, as we can read in WCCFTech, and although it is a rumor, it seems to come from a relatively reliable source in the industry. In principle, the game would arrive in November of this year, so we should start to see some trailer or official announcement from EA.
noteworthy that Criterion Games had to stop the development of this new installment of Need For Speed ​​because more manpower was needed to make Battlefield 2042 came out on time, but considering that Criterion knows a lot about car games, it’s possible that its development was shorter than usual.
Geeknetic The next Need for Speed ​​title will hit the public in November this year 1
Be that as it may, this title will be exclusive to the Next-Gen, so there should be no problems or cuts derived from having to support consoles such as the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4, as well as reducing the number of platforms to support in the future, which should provide more robust patches. Criterion hopes to launch, with this new version of Need for Speedthe most expressive and socially connected title in the series to date.

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