The most popular anime on Netflix: Great Pretender Season 3 

Great Pretender Season 3 

Great pretender is the most popular show streaming on Netflix since 2020. The show was liked and appreciated by its viewers giving a cause to the makers to cast its consecutive seasons. It has successfully gained victory over its 2 seasons and the viewers are eagerly waiting for its third season to forecast its appearance. The series falls under the genre of crime comedy composed by Ryota Kurosawa in the direction of Hiro Kaburagi. The series was considered as one of the most viewed series of the year 2020. It has impressed the audience with its effects throughout the world. 

The great pretender has cast its season on Japan Fuji TV by WIT studio. The maker of the show has not made any remark on the appearance of its third season, but the viewers are expecting the season to rise soon. 

The first season of the show appeared in The United States during August 2020, later the series renewed with its second season during the later half in November 2020. Analyzing the dates, we can assume for its latest third season to come up anytime during the year 2021 but the official statements are yet to be made so we can only wait for the news of its new season. 

The series of Great Pretender is about Makoto Edamura who was a man from modern Japan. Makoto Edamura was a man who was deprived of any financial or social status. His possession was taken away from him by a French gentleman thief Laurent Thierry. Laurent plays against Edamura to pull him down and trap him in a fake narcotics deal. 

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The series showcases extremely talented actions scenes created by the Wit studio fascinating its audience. It also holds an extreme range of characters performing their role with proper dedication and involvement. The studio gives a 3D impact to the show make it more appealing in the eye of its viewers. 

If you are lagging to watch this fantastic series, rush as you are losing an interesting anime! 


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