The Morning Show Season 3: Which Actors Return? When Will It Release?

The Morning Show Season 3

The Morning Show is one of the most popular and loved shows created around the world of journalism and news on Apple TV+. The comedy-drama revolving around life at a news channel is a must-watch for someone who prefers this genre. 

The Apple TV+ show starring Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell, Reese Witherspoon, and Billy Crudup, in the leading roles, returned to TV with its second season in September 2021. Since the premiere of its second season, fans have started wondering whether the show will return for a third consecutive season on Apple TV+. Here is every tiny detail a fan must know about The Morning Show Season 3. 

The Morning Show Season 3: Renewal Updates

To the day, Apple TV+ is yet to make an official announcement regarding the return of our favorite actors, stepping into the shoes of some of our current favorite characters on the screen. 

If we concentrate on whether the show will return or not, then it can be indeed said that The Morning Show will return with a third season on Apple TV+. But given the time and Season 2 premiere, it is still too early for the streaming giant to spill out details about the possible third season. The second season of The Morning Show is currently airing on Apple TV+, and an official announcement regarding its renewal is expected only after the second season ends.

In a conversation with T&C, the executive producer of the show, Mimi Leder, said,

“Right now there’s nothing to announce, but we loved working on the second season and we’ll see. There’s much love for the show, it seems like people are digging it. There are many more stories to tell for sure. We’ll see.”

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The Morning Show Season 3: Is The New Season About COVID?

The show is also popular because its storyline centers around current events. But as far as the plot of Season 3 is concerned, it won’t revolve around the COVID-19 pandemic. The executive producer Leder added, “If there is [a third season], it will not be about COVID. I promise you that.”


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