The Monopoly world champion revealed his best tricks to win every time

Nicolo falcone is an Italian who has become the world champion of Monopoly, the board game that is one of the best-selling -and played- worldwide.From his place as number one on the planet in this entertainment, this young Venetian told the British newspaper The Guardian in first person about his experience with the popular game that recreates real estate buying and selling operations, in addition, he gave some advice and assured: “If I had to play with you, I would surely win because I know all the tricks.”In his account, Falcone said that he started playing Monopoly in his native Venice. winter Sundays with his father and his brother. According to him, his family rivals were “really good” so he usually lost and ended up crying. “They were my first coaches”assured the boy, who said that he made his games of that game a routine and then, on vacation, he began to play with his friends in the breaks of his ski practice in the Italian mountain of Dolomites. “I was a strong player”assured.In Macao, China, the Venetian Nicolo Falcone played the Monopoly World Cup final against a Japanese, an American and a Norwegian, who was the last champion of this tournamentBusiness In 2014, at the age of 30, Falcone entered a Monopoly tournament that gave him the possibility of winning two tickets for the world championship of that discipline of the year 2015, in Macau, known as “Las Vegas of China”. Thus, he first disputed a championship in Spilimbergo, near Venice, where he came third. A position that ensured his qualification for the Italian national championship, to be played in Milan.“The tournament was held over two days. The first day I lost all my matches, but the second day I started winning. My girlfriend, Lisa, now my wife, wanted to go back to Venice because she had work the next morning, but I told her: ‘I’m sorry, but I win,’ the boy narrated, adding: “At 8 p.m. I had won the national championship. My prize included two flights to play in the world championship in China that same year.”Falcone later recounted that he came to Macauto play the world championship, and he stayed at a hotel called the Venetian, which had a replica of the bell tower of San Marcos in front of it, something he saw every day from home. “27 players from all over the world attended, as well as fans, journalists, friends and parents of players”he said and added: “It was a family event, so much so that we were not allowed to insult.”“Monopoly is a simple game. it’s not chess the young Venetian continued his story. If I had to play Monopoly with you, I would probably win because I know the tricks, but in the world championship everyone knows them, so fortune and luck are important.”Monopoly is over 87 years old and still a game that draws crowdsMonopoly is over 87 years old and still a game that draws crowds In the final match of that tournament, Falcone faced Tsutomu Doita of Japan, Brian Valentine of the United States and the defending world champion of the game, Bjørn Halvard Knappskog of Norway. “I won that tournament and the prize of $20,580, which is the face value of all the money the bank has in the game”, the Venetian told with pride. From that victory in China, Falcone gave that he began receiving calls from people all over the world. “I also began to explore my passion for standup, developing a routine based on my experiences competing in monopoly”, he added. From there, the Venetian champion was invited to play Monopoly around the world. As an example of his experiences, he pointed out: “In Japan they take Monopoly very seriously. When I got there I felt like Cristiano Ronaldo. They invited me to eat in skyscraper restaurants with private chefs and I played matches against former world champions.” The champion then recounted a series of tips to be better at the game: “People ask me for advice and I tell them to buy tthree houses on each property when they have a complete set. Also, jail is your enemy at the beginning of the game, but your best friend towards the end. By then, if you go to jail, stay there as long as possible because you can receive money from your properties but you don’t have to pay other players“, accurate.The champion maintained that a great advantage to winning at Monopoly is knowing the rules well and, once the game is advanced, not being afraid of falling into jailThe champion argued that a great advantage to winning at Monopoly is knowing the rules well and, later in the game, not being afraid of going to jailBusiness WireThen, Falcone pointed out another tip to be better at Monopoly. It’s about the “heat maps”, which mark which are the squares where the players fall the most on the board.“Also, read the rules”, suggested the champion monopoly, and explained, “Knowing them properly will help you win. For example, you can buy and build houses at any time between other people’s turns, not only when it’s your turn. While Monopoly can take hours to finish, the game that gave me my world title was over in 47 minutes. That is not because I am the Maradona of this discipline but because I know the rules. It shouldn’t be a five hour game“Later on, the young man narrated that having won the championship in China it was for him “A change of life”. In fact, she helped him develop his other passion, comedy and standup. “I started working with Comedy Central,” he said, referring to the US-based television channel that has locations in many countries, including Italy. “When I travel abroad and contact comedy clubs, I find that if I say I’m the world champion of Monopoly and I have worked with Comedy Central, someone will find a place for me, “he said. “When James May (British host and presenter) came here to film his series Our Man in Italy, I was invited to talk to him on the show”, Falcone pointed out, as if to indicate his growing popularity thanks to Monopoly and comedy. “The world championships are held every four to six years. The 2021 championship was canceled due to Covid and there is no confirmed date for the next one. When it arrives, I hope to win again. Nobody has won the title twice”, concluded this particular Venetian Monopoly champion.

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