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The Mercadona product that removes the bad smell from our washing machine and leaves it like the first day

The washing machine washes the clothes and we wash the washing machine. Just thinking about it seems crazy, why would we wash an object that is used to wash other objects? Just like if we washed the dishwasher, well, it would also have to be washed, really. Our beloved washing machine needs a good cleaning from time to time. But why? Have you noticed that it starts to smell after a while? Or that when the clothes come out of the washing machine, they don’t actually smell good, they just stink. And how can we eliminate these unpleasant odors? Since we usually use baking soda or citric acid for bad odors, we are going to use it for the smell of the washing machine as well. It is important to note here that washing machine smell is not an accidental smell. The smell of our appliance is caused by the mold that is created and by the humidity. So the first thing to do after making a washing machine is to always leave the porthole open. And the solution is to not use baking soda or citric acid because they don’t kill mold and they don’t disinfect. You need something different for the mold. It is not a secret ingredient at all; in fact, many people have it at home. We are talking about mild bleach, the kind we use to wash clothes. All we have to do is take an empty spray bottle and fill it with plenty of water and a measure of mild bleach. A product that you can find in establishments like Mercadona. “Since September, Mercadona has had a mixture of Máxima Blancatura Bosque Verde for washing machines. Its main characteristic is to achieve unsurpassed whiteness while protecting clothes. We can use it to wash clothes by hand or by machine.” And now the cleaning begins.

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We spray the content inside the drum and also on the rubber gasket. We take a sponge and clean thoroughly. If there are any dark spots, especially on the rubber, we insist that they be removed. Just need to clean the basket? Not at all. We are going to disassemble the detergent tray and clean it too. We spray our product on it and scrape off the dirt. This is where bacteria and mold will flourish with all that soap scum. We also clean the place where we are going to insert the detergent tray. But that is not all. At the bottom should be the filter. And we’ll have to clean that up too. Before opening it, we put a cloth under it because a lot of water will fall. Once opened, we wash the plug well and use a long brush to clean the hole. So no baking soda and citric acid, here’s how to remove mold and the stink it creates from your washing machine.

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