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The Mercadona powder that leaves mirrors and glass sparkling in one go

One of the most difficult tasks for cleaners is, without a doubt, cleaning mirrors. The most difficult thing, especially when it comes to bathroom mirrors, is removing limescale deposits. However, in a more general way, we could say that what always leaves you a little unsatisfied is the presence of halos. In most cases, the first ray of sunlight or the first look in the mirror from another angle will reveal that annoying patina. And yet, it seemed to us that we had made a work of art with special detergents and perhaps the classic sheet of newspaper, as the grandmothers advised. The bad news is that sometimes all this is not enough. The good news, however, is that to achieve shiny mirrors, free of halos and limescale, we can prepare a surprising cleaning cream at home. Let’s find out how.

A few simple ingredients

To prepare this cleansing paste, we do not need to buy any crazy products. We can use some easy to find ingredients that we may already have at home. The first essential ingredient is talcum powder. Many use it to absorb sweat and moisture, prevent chafing and help, for example, with the fit of new shoes. In this case it will be a valuable cleaning ally. The second is vinegar, preferably apple. Used as a food seasoning, it is very often used as a natural remedy not only for home care but also for personal care. Finally, a great classic, a fruit that is a true “all-rounder”. We are referring to the lemon, which is excellent not only for cooking, but also for fighting limescale and stubborn dirt. All we need is a bowl and our ingredients lined up in front of us. We use 2 tablespoons of vinegar and add 2 tablespoons of talcum powder, little by little, to favor a pasty consistency. Similarly, we also add a tablespoon of lemon juice. If the consistency is too thick or too runny, add a little vinegar or talcum powder. Obviously, the doses must be adjusted according to the surfaces to be treated, the quantity and the size. Once we have obtained our cleansing cream, we can use it directly on a microfiber cloth, treat the embedded part and rinse it. We can also dilute it in half a liter of water in a spray dispenser and use it as a classic window cleaner. Your mirrors will be ultra bright and stay that way for much longer. Vinegar and talcum powder are two products that can be easily found in Mercadona supermarkets.

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