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The Mac Studio has slots to replace or expand your internal storage

As has been seen on the Max Tech YouTube channel, it seems that despite what Apple says about it being impossible to increase the internal storage of the Apple Mac StudioApparently there would be a way to do it. Inside the team it has been possible to see how there is not only one, but two M.2 slots. in which to install SSD drives.

Why Apple denies its existence is not known, but initially, by purchasing an additional SSD, we should be able to increase the internal storage of the system, thus increasing its capacity even beyond what Apple offers in its store, and definitely at a lower price.

However, the fact that there is an additional slot may only be so that the higher capacity configurations have two SSD units, or even the system has redundancy of some kind in the models with more space, which would mean that for example the 2TB model would have two 2TB drives in RAID 1 to protect against data loss.

In any case, in the worst case scenario this means that in the event of a system storage failure, we can replace the affected module without having to resort to changing the entire motherboard.

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